How to Delete User Account in Windows 10

We have already discussed in later post on creating a new or secondary user account. But, today we will see how you can delete a user account in Windows 10. Before we proceed with the guide, you must ensure that you have the administrative rights for deleting t#Howhe user account(s). Moreover, the methods I will be sharing are not only for deleting the local user accounts but also to delete user account created using Microsoft accounts.

Important: Whenever you delete a user account, you will lose all of the data that was saved to desktop, documents, photos, music and videos folder of that particular user account. But, you can always save that data in other account or an external storage media if necessary.

We will be going through two unique methods of deleting user account. Please take your time to check out both of the methods, and implement the one which you find the easiest.

Method 1

1: Click on the Windows Button, and then tap on the setting tab to open the setting window. You can also use the “Windows + I” hotkey.


2: From the setting window, tap on Accounts (Your accounts, email, sync, work, family).


3: From the left pane, click on “Family and other users”.

family and other users

4: Finally click on the user account that you wish to delete, and finally from the available options that open below, tap on Remove button.


5: You’ll see a confirmation dialog box, click on “Delete account and Data” button for deleting the currently selected user account.

delete account and data

Method 2

1: Right-click on the Windows Button, and then tap on control panel.

control panel

2: From control panel window, choose User Account.

user accounts

3: Next click on “Manage another account” for viewing all of the user accounts on your PC.

manage other account

4: Then click on the user account that you wish to delete.

click on account

5: Now, click on Delete the Account link from the left pane.

delete the account

6: Next it will ask you whether you want to keep the user files or delete the files. It’s up to you as to which option you want to choose.

delete files or keep files

In case you wish to delete files, next it will show the below Window where you have to click Delete Account and done. Same goes for keep files, but they will be saved on the other account.

delete account

I hope this guide was helpful, and you have had no issues following the steps. Do leave your feedback in comments, and let us know your queries, if any.