Guide to Make Hard Disk Partition in Windows 10 to Better manage your Stuff

By now, you and millions of people around the globe have had upgraded to Windows 10. Although the new interface is enticing and offers whole new features, it seems like that most of the users aren’t much familiar with its new interface. I’m not saying that it has entirely changed, however; still there are some new things, and you need to get familiar with them.

Previously, a few users had created partitions on their hard drive, but, with the new Windows 10, I’ve seen that over 60% of the users have preferred to make partition. This is mainly because the advanced Windows 10 demands more space, and users prefer to keep the windows files and applications on one drive, and external data on a secondary drive; they don’t delete Windows.old folder to keep all their old Windows data and it makes their hard drive full of useless files.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t know how to create hard disk partition in Windows 10. So, today I thought of creating a quick guide for creating a hard drive partition. Moreover, on PingZic’s Windows 10 section, you will get updates on nearly everything that relates to windows 10. To make a partition, just follow the below steps with relevant images.

Steps to Create Partition on Hard Disk

1: Open you Windows 10’s search bar that is available near to your Windows’s start button and type “Disk Management” now from the options click on the top one.

Create and format hard disk partitions

2: Now you have to right-click on the unallocated area of your hard drive on which you desire to make partition. “However, if you have allocated the entire website to drive C when installing Windows 10, there will be no space to create in case you still want to create a partition, you need to shrink the drive C. You can do this by right-Clicking on it, then choose Shrink Volume and from the instructions panel follow the easy guideline to free some extra space for partition.”

3: Upon right-clicking, you need to select New Simple Volume. This will open a new Wizard Box for further simple volume

4: On this wizard, firstly you’ll be specifying volume size in the specified field as shown in the image below. Do not forget to add value in MBs after converting it from GBs, for example, 5120MBs are equal to 5GB.specify size

5: On the new window, you will Assign Drive Letter or Path. You may leave the settings unchanged, but still you can choose your desired alphabet to the new partition. Click next!assign letter

6: Next on the Format Partition box, you will be choosing settings of your preference. If you are confused, then leave all the settings as it is.format partition

7: Finally, on the “Completing the New Simple Volume Wizard”, you have to click on Finish. This will create a new Hard Disk Drive partition.FinishCongratulations! You have successfully created a new partition. Now you can start using it as a regular drive. Done

I hope the guide was useful, and you have had no issues creating the partition. Please let me know if you need any assistance. We would love your feedback on comments. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.