Share Files and Folder by Creating a Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10

Remote Desktop Protocol, has been a feature of the Windows operating system since the birth of Windows XP. A remote desktop protocol or RDP lets you connect to another PC or a device and then retrieve or send files to that PC or device. This makes the data transfer process safer and a lot easier than ever. Previously, when the RDP feature wasn’t available in Windows OS, users had to connect a LAN wire, and then share files and folders. This method was rather time consuming and slow as well.

Although, you can find tons of free utilities that allow remote connections like, TeamViewer, etc. that are very handy when connecting in between different platforms. However, if you wish to use the RDP feature in a pure Windows environment, then today I have a very useful guide for you that will show you how you can make a remote desktop connection in Windows 10. Take your time to follow the steps explained below, and establish your very own RDP connection and start sharing files and folders today.

Guide Starts here

1: Type “Remote Settings” in the search box right next to the Windows Button.

remote settings

2: From the displayed results, click on “Allow remote access to your computer” option.

3: A new box will popup. Here you have to checkmark the “Allow remote connections to this computer” and keep the box checked for “Network Level Authentication”. This ensures better security when connecting via RDP. You also have to enable incoming remote connections on your computer.allow remote connection

That’s all about enabling the Remote connection. But, let me tell you how to use it properly.

Remote into Your PC

There are some options available when it comes to how you remotely connect to other devices. You can either use the traditional desktop applications or Remote Desktop universal app. Below, I have shown as example of connecting to Windows Home Server on the home network of my computer. You also need an application for this that you can get from the Microsoft Store.

1: Once you have installed the application, type the name for the device, its IP address and then click on connect. For privacy reasons, i have hidden the IP address in the image below.


2: On the next window, you need to enter username and password use for the computer that you are connecting to. If you think that you need to connect to this device quite often, then you can checkmark “remember your credentials” box.

add credentials

3: You may get the below security message. Checkmark, “Don’t ask me again for connection to this PC” and finally tap on “Connect anyway”.

connect anyway

4: That’s all now you can start using the remote computer and use it for data transfer or anything else.

I hope that this guide was helpful, and you were successful in creating a remote desktop connection. Do leave your feedback in comments.