Quiet Hours in Windows 10 Helps you to Turn Notifications off in Specific Timings

As a Windows 10 user, you will be well aware that whenever an application is trying to get your attention, a small rectangular message box slides into your Desktop from the bottom right corner of the screen. These are the toast notifications, and would automatically disappear after a few seconds. The problem is, these sudden notifications with a horrible sound pops out anytime, and can distract you completely from the task that you were currently performing on your computer.

This notification message can be related to anything like an email, message, and much more. However, you can get rid of this unnecessary distraction with a feature known as “Quiet Hours” or “Do not disturb Mode” that disables all of the application notifications. But, even after disabling the app notifications, you will still get notification from the Action Center as they are of much importance notifying you of a virus or other malicious file in your computer, etc.

Below I have shared an exclusive guide on configuring the Do Not Disturb Mode in Windows 10. Previously, in Windows 8 you can configure this feature to turn on and off automatically at specific times like setting it from 10 PM to 6 AM. But, in Windows 10 it is restricted only to “Turn Off” and “Turn On”. This means there are no time options. You have to enable it again to start getting app notifications.

Turn on and off Do Not Disturb Mode or Quiet Hours

1: Bring your mouse pointer on the “Action Center” area in your taskbar, and right-click on it to open the contextual menu.

right click notification

2: Then click on “Turn On Quiet Hours”. Alternatively, when you wish to start getting notifications again, you can click on “Turn Off Quiet Hours”.

turn on quiet hours

Alternative Method

1: Instead of right-clicking on the notification area, click on it to open the notification box.

2: Click on the “Quiet Hours” box to enable it, and click again for disabling it.

quiet hours

That’s all. I hope you won’t be disturbed anymore from unnecessary application notifications from your Windows 10. Do leave your feedback in comments.


  1. Thanks very much, it helps a lot when you are trying to get some work done and FaceBook or Email notifications keep popping up.

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