Changing the Default Drive for Saving your Files in Windows 10

Daily we save multiples documents, pictures, videos and music on our hard drive on the computer. However, most of you would prefer to store your personal documents on a separate drive so that if any system crash arises, your personal files remain safe. A few days before, while I was managing my important documents, I discovered that all of my files are automatically being saved to Drive C. As you all know that this drive partition also contains the Windows and System files. So, my system seemed quite vulnerable to viruses and malware.

However, I found a way of changing the default drive for saving the documents and other files. Below I have shared exactly the same method that I followed to change the default drive for saving my files. Before we continue, it is important that you must have a partition created or a separate hard drive connected to your computer.


1: Click on the Windows button, and then tap on Settings.


2: From the settings Window, click on the System option.


3: On the next page, you have to choose “Storage” from the left pane.


4: Finally inside the storage window from the right side, under the “Save Locations” label, open the drop-down for changing the default drive for saving your documents, music, pictures and videos. Note that you cannot change the default location for your applications. All of the apps will be saved to the C drive.

save locations

That’s all! Now you no longer have to worry about losing your data just because of a sudden system crash or corrupt Windows. However, it is always a smart option to keep a regular backup of your system, so that none of your important files or documents would ever be lost.

I hope this guide was helpful, and you were successful in changing the default saving locations for documents, music, videos and pictures. Do leave your review in comments!