Set your Native Language as Default Language in Windows 10

One of my blog readers recently requested me to share a guide on changing language in Windows 10. Though it doesn’t seem as much difficult, but after a major change by Microsoft in Windows 10, a lot of features’ settings have changed. So, users, especially those who upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 may have difficulties navigating through the “Change Language Settings”. It’s a reality that “English” is an international language but in many countries a huge amount of people don’t feel comfortable in speaking, writing and reading English; these people want their native language as a default language in Windows PC and because of this reason I’m sharing this post.

However, below I have shared a simple guide, explaining you in a step-by-step manner to set your native language as a default one in Windows 10.

The process consists of three main steps:

  1. Firstly you’ll add the language of your choice.
  2. Install the language pack.
  3. Finally, set your language.

1: First go to the start menu by clicking on the Windows icon. Then choose settings.


2: From the settings’ window you have to tap on the Time & Language option.

time and language

3: Under Time and Language’s left pane, click on “Region and Language”.

region and language

4: Now choose “Add Language”, and from the available list of languages, choose your desired language. In my case, I’ve selected German for the sake of example.

add language

5: Once the language is added, click on it. It will show you three additional options. Choose “Options” and from the new window click Download. This will start downloading the language pack.


download language pack

6: Once it is downloaded, tap on the Language again and choose “Set as Default”.

set as default

Finally, sign out and sign in again to make the changes. You can always change language from the settings panel or even remove the one you wish to.

I hope you were successful in changing the language successfully. I’ve seen that most of the people around the world know at least 2 Languages, and some even more. And of course, you may have to communicate to people of respective languages. This urges oneself to either translate it via Google Translate, which is rather a poor option, or change his or her Windows Language whenever needed.