How to Change Background Wallpaper of Windows 10 Login and Lock Screen

The lock screen on your Windows is the screen that is displayed when you lock your PC. Sometimes your PC locks automatically if you haven’t used it for quite a while. This screen also shows up when you start the computer, or when you logout of the Windows and also when you remain idle for a minute or so. It also displays the detailed and quick status of apps that you choose.

Apart from all such things, Windows 10 lets you customize the background of the lock screen. You can utilize the Windows spotlight, a slideshow of multiple images or a single picture from the added folders and set them as a background of your lock screen. here is the guide to get a new wallpaper for your login screen, check it out.


Change Background Wallpaper of Windows 10

I will be showing you how to change the background using spotlight, a single picture and slideshow.

1: From the start button, go to Settings.


2: In the settings window, click on the “Personalization” icon.


3: Now click on the lock screen option from the left pane. From the right side, click the drop down arrow under Background heading and choose Windows Spotlight option. This will change the background image.

windows spotlight

4: Now once again from the drop down choose “Picture” and from the displayed images, choose the one which you desire to keep as background. Alternatively, you can also browse a custom image to upload. You can also turn on or off the “Get fun facts, tips and more on your lock screen” option.

picture customization

5: For a slideshow, again click to open the drop-down menu under Background title, and choose slideshow option.

6: Here you can again enable or disable the “Get fun facts, tips, tricks and more on your lock screen” option. Moreover, to set custom images to be displayed as a slideshow, you can click on Add Folder button and then add the folder containing images. Similarly, if you wish to remove the uploaded folder, simply click on it and hit “Remove”.

slideshow customization

7: For more customizations, you can click on “Advanced Slideshow” settings link, and make changes as per your needs.

advance settings

8: Once done, you can close the settings windows.

Method 2

1: Open any image that you want to keep as background on the lock screen.

2: Right-click inside the image, choose “Set As” and then choose “Set as lock screen”.

image right click

3: This will automatically change the background of your lock screen.

Method 3

1: By default there is no option in Windows 10 to change the background of your login screen. So, to change it, you have to download this Windows 10 Background Changer application.

2: Once downloaded, open the Zip file, then go to GUI and finally select the application. Extract it on your Desktop, then right-click and run it as administrator.

3: Now open the application. It gives you two options. First one is to add a background image of your own, and second option is to keep a solid background.

Windows 10 background changer

4: Now, to keep a background image of your own choice, click on the small image icon as in the screenshot below. Similarly, if you want to keep a solid background then click on the drop down that appears before the preview option and choose the color you want to select.


5: Finally tap on apply changes, and you are done. You can restart your computer or simply logoff to check whether the background wallpaper has changed or not.

Let us know if you were successful in changing the background image both in lock screen and login screen. Do leave your feedback in comments.


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