How to Block Someone on Instagram [Android & iOS]

Instagram users sometimes annoy their contacts by leaving disturbing comments. That kind of users can disturb other Instagram followers too. If this is the case with you and any of your contacts is harassing you by stalking your posts, you can use “Block” option, Instagram provides its users. This option can be used to stop any person from following you, from seeing your posts and even from commenting your shares. But you should also know the rule of Instagram that you can block only one person at a time. Another thing that is important to mention here is that by using “Block” option, you would be able to block the users appearing in your list on your phone. It will be of no use if you try it for preventing any user on the Instagram website.

Block Someone on Instagram

Steps To Block Annoying Users

What you need to do first is open your account on Instagram.

Select the user who is harassing you and whom you intend to keep away from posting comments on your photos and from visiting your profile.
Annoying User

If you are using Android device, you will see an icon containing three dots lie vertically in the top right corner of the profile window and the users of iOS devices can find an image containing a box with an arrow in it. Click on that icon to view the options lie in it.
User Profile

Now there will appear some options where “Block User” can be seen on the top of the list. This is for what you were looking. Now you can select the option to block your desired user. Well! You should choose the possibility by keeping in your mind that if you block this person, he/she will not be able to view your posts in future. Furthermore, he will not be notified that you have blocked him.
Block Option

Once you hit the option Block User, you will be asked again to confirm whether you want to block that person. If you confirm by selecting “Yes I’m sure”, he will be blocked. Now he will be no more in your contact list, and his profile will vanish. Yet! If you want to search him in the list of Instagram users, you would be able to search and view his activities.
Block Confirmation

This is how you can have a sigh of relief by stopping a person vexing you by throwing chaffing comments or by posting annoying photos or videos on your profile. He would not be able to find out you on Instagram. So, continue reposting your pictures and sharing your views with the people sober enough for not bothering you.