How Digital Security Has Changed the Texture of the World

With the advancement of technology, the nature of digital threats has become even more complicated than it previously used to be. At a point, they used to be just a basic attack that could corrupt only a single device. After a certain point, the cyber threats became complex enough to corrupt and infiltrate each device present in the network of an entire company. With advanced digitalization, the documents that have been stored in a digital format has increased substantially. At present, almost every essential personal data of an individual can be found in a digital format somewhere or the other. With cyber attacks becoming more and more advanced, applying traditional methods of security is not enough.

If we go back to a span of thirty years, the IT heads of the various companies then had quite a spectacular job regarding the overseeing and maintenance of cyber security. If we compare it during that time, the job was a challenging one. Even then, the level of complexity was not even remotely close to the one that the present IT heads are facing today. With limited options back then, cyber security was a lot simpler.

At present, every workplace is filled with advanced gadgets and modern technologies. This is not just for gimmicks. To be able to adapt and ready to face the challenges of today, one has to stay updated on all fronts. As a result, there has been quite an increase in endpoints. Hackers or cyber criminals are trying harder to steal classified information from the networks of different enterprises. This is the reason why digital security has become so much more complex. Due to such an immense development in digital security, the entire world as we know it, and the way we work, has changed quite a lot in a very short period. It is changing at present as well, and no one knows what the future might be like.

At present, the security teams are continuously trying to come up with new strategies to be able to go one up against advanced cyber threats. Not so long ago, the war against cyber criminals was only subjected to the IT department. However, in 2014, a wide breach happened at Sony, which resulted in the loss of important data by a huge margin. As a result, all the other companies in the world came to realize what the potential of the cyber criminals was. Be it finance, brand, or business; everything could be jeopardized just by a single breach.

Immediately after, the issue of digital security was given the topmost priority. The concern was building up, but many companies were still to realize the gravity of the situation. The recent attacks that happened like the NotPetya and WannaCry showed that a single organization was not the only potential target. With the attack of WannaCry, organizations such as Telefonica and NHS suffered devastating blows.

After such incidents, digital security has gained board-level importance now. It has started to define how a company should work, how the working processes should go, and how the data should be safely stored. Different types of advanced security tools have come up, and sites like Cooltechzone provide extensive details regarding digital security for security heads to adopt. The entire working as we know it has changed and has been made to work with maintaining the highest standard of digital security available at the moment.

Significant Changes Implemented With Evolving Digital Security

There have been three major changes to keep up with the need of the hour

1. Security is beyond IT now
Digital security is not just a matter for the IT department. Every person linked with a business operation has to do their part for optimal protection against threats. The inter-departmental interaction has increased than before, and valuable assets are identified and secured with a higher priority. Data is generally stored in cloud storage and is IoT generated. This is the part that needs to be secured the most. The enterprises are implementing new steps and transforming their security levels. As a result, the objectives of a business, the engagement of the data transfer, and the business models like online banking services are implemented, which can provide a better all-round digital security. Digital security is everywhere in an organization.

2. Focus on the innovation of security
Instead of waiting to use advanced technologies, various companies are coming up with innovating technologies of their own, that has improved digital security. In the digital world, there is a competition going on at present for better innovation in security. It has changed the SDN or software-defined networks, and even the way data is secured in IoT or Internet of Things.

2. Smarter, Stronger, Faster, and Better Security
The needs of IT security are not just agility and speed. The modern-day challenge is how to make digital security even smarter. That is, how to increase effectiveness at a reduced cost. This includes the gathering of data, synthesis of data, and analysis of it as well. The information that the data can provide is the real target here, not just the data itself. In the next generation, digital security services, cyber threat risks, and visibility will be improved. Therefore, the market that will provide digital security is expected to be bifurcated, one with the collection of data, and another with expert level intelligent insight deliveries.


It is hard to conclude what will be the next step in the industry. However, one thing is guaranteed, and that is the innovation of digital security is not going to slow down. The growth is expected to be of exponential margin, and we cannot imagine how it will change the future business organizations and the world as a whole. Therefore, organizations must be open to implement new technologies, strive to improve customer experience and take active approaches to digital security to secure all the activities. When the core foundation of the security processes and tools are established, along with the right strategies, most of the organizations will automatically be safe from the existing cyber threats.


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