Happy Wheels; a Pack of Adventurous Arcade Games to Play Online

Happy Wheels is a marvelous pack of adventurous arcade games that can be played online as well as offline if you download on mobile. You can enjoy the actual sensation of a critical situation like an accident. You realize yourself to be so much indulged in the game that whenever any shocking situation happens to your character, you feel that it is happening to you. It gives you a wonderful fascination and charm. Whenever you start the game and there is a chance event, the sounds and bone fracture, the faintness and the death scene give you the actual picture of it. Some of the most famous games included in Happy Wheels are Apple Shooter, Plant X, Badland – Day 4, The Seginators, Temple Run, Pokemon Training, Car Thief, The Banana Peel, Headshoter and Chaos City, etc.

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The philosophy behind Happy Wheels game is to make happy to and to quench the thirst of players, who like vehicle games based on physics. The situation is a little bit change in every game, but the basic theme is the same that you have to save your character from deadly traps and snares and he should have to find out his way for outside while saving himself from every danger. A wonderful game pack for the people, who love violence and boot in the games. A bloody action gives you the real fight while you play the game and it’s a real time-killing game for you and your friends.

How to Get Happy Wheels Games on PC, Android, and iOS?

Now, you can play these games not only on your PC but also on your Android phone or tablet and on iOS devices. Here are a few links for downloading the game.

You can play online by clicking Here if you are using a PC.


You will find here the complete guide for the usage of all of the basic keys, which key is used for which action under the “Control” category. If you want to play Demo of the game, “Play Demo” category can be clicked to go ahead.

If you want to download the full version of these online games on your Android tablet or phone to play it offline, click Here. Here, you will find the apk of the game for Android devices. You should download and run it on your Android tablet or phone and install the game accordingly.

If you are using an iPhone, don’t be desperate as you too can download this exalting game to your iOS device. Click Here to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Play Happy Wheels Games?

All of the games in the pack have a character for whom, you will select a vehicle that may be a wheelchair, bike or two-wheeler and then, what you have to do in the game is to find out a way for the escape for your character from being dead. This is a great challenge and you resume the game time and again to end it successfully. So, this is how you can enjoy playing your desired Happy Wheels pack of games. It is a little bit tricky, where you have to use your brain. But, it does not seem out of the question to accept and win the challenge.

Warning: These games aren’t suitable for Kids because of horrifying visuals, fo kids, these math games are a better option.

Keys Function

The basic control keys used for the game are four arrow keys, Shift key, the key for “Z” and the space bar. When you start the game, you should remember which key to use for what. If you want to eject the game, you should press Z. The space bar is used to begin the game i.e. for initial move. Shift and Ctrl key are used for secondary actions or moves. If you want your character to lean backward or to move towards left, you should use the left arrow.

If you want him to lean right, you should use the right key. If you want to move him ahead, use up arrow key and the down arrow key is used if you want to move your character backward. The Shift key is to move the legs of your character if there is any bolt from the blue or deadly enemy comes to his way. Ctrl key is used to move his arms in the time of danger.