Guide to Make Any Website’s Shortcut on Windows 10 Desktop, Start Screen, Start Menu and Taskbar

You’ll be quite surprised to know that for creating a shortcut to a website in windows 10, you need the help of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Nowadays, most of the Internet users have Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera browser. However, all of us have the Internet Explorer application pre-installed on our operating systems by default.

This method works on any version of Internet Explorer and Chrome. So, whether you have the Internet Explorer 11 or an older version, that won’t be a hurdle for us in creating a shortcut. Below is a quick and easy guide:

The first thing you need to do is open your favorite website to create its shortcut. Below I’ve selected Facebook as a general example. Now follow these steps:

1) Go to in internet explorer. Now, on a blank place of this page, right-click with your mouse. Now from the context menu choose the “Create Shortcut”. In case you are using Microsoft Edge, this may not work because Edge doesn’t offer the ability to generate website page shortcuts. Once you have clicked on the “Create Shortcut” option, it will generate the shortcut on your Windows 10 Desktop.

Create Shortcut

By default, you have no other option for website shortcut on your Desktop. However, you can locate the shortcut later upon, or let it be on the Desktop.

default options

2) Now you have to Right-click on the Windows 10 Start button. From here locate the “Run” and open it. Alternatively you can also type “RUN” in the search bar next to the windows icon.

run3 Now we’ll be using the Shell command. See the below screenshot for Shell command reference.

shell program

4) Now go to your Desktop and right-click on the newly created Facebook shortcut and hit Copy.

copy shortcut

5) Now you have to jump back to the Programs Window that we just launched through the Run application. Right-click here and “Paste” the shortcut. This will add the Facebook or any other website’s shortcut to the Windows 10 start menu.

shell pasted

6) Once done, you will be able to see the Facebook shortcut in Windows Start Buttons>All Apps> F Section.

shortcut to menu

7) You can also drag this shortcut to the start screen.


How to do this in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome provides an easy way to create a shortcut of any web page to the start menu.

Click on the settings icon available at the top right of your Google Chrome browser. Now click on More Tools and from the available options simply hit “Add to Taskbar…”. Your desired website’s shortcut is added in the start screen.

Shortcut from Chrome
Creating start screen shortcut via Chrome

If you want to pin it to the taskbar then simply right click on the shortcut icon and click on “Pin to Taskbar”.

Pin to Taskbar
Pinning shortcut to taskbar

Pin our website to the screen if you liked our guide ;). Let us know your problems if any, in comments.


  1. In your very 1st step, these are the choices that come up for me…. “Select all, print, inspect element, and view source” There is no “create shortcut”. What’s going on, I run windows? This sure doesn’t seem like progress, bring back XP ! Thanks

  2. What??? Go to Facebook??? Why would I go to facebook to create a link?? Just create a shortcut and enter the url.

  3. well my windows 10 with chrome used to do what you say … more tools. add to desktop but now all of a sudden those lnk short cuts no longer open to the websites they open to chome browser. I have checked registry errors and malware issues but nothing will fix this.

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