Grass Cut Game apk for Android, Windows & Mac OS

Grass Cut Game was released on 30 January 2019 by the great French developer Voodoo. It is a fun arcade game that allows you to keep mowing the grass for hours. Don’t consider it a simple game where you keep moving the mower to the right or left only. You need to mow the grass by using a strategy. At the beginning of the game, you cross the simpler phases of the game and later, it becomes more challenging to mow the complete patch of the land within a given time. If you are ready to accept challenges, go ahead and download the game.

Grass Cut Game by Voodoo

Grass Cut Game by Voodoo Salient Features

The game comes with different skins. Some of them are paid, and you can use them if you have a sufficient quantity of gems in your wallet. However, many free skins are also available in the game. Try them and get rid of the monotony of life.

You can mute the music of the game and also the volume too.

If you do not want to receive a reminder, you can off the reminder too. Go to the Settings of the game and tap the reminder to activate or disable it.

Well, if you want to play the game silently, it allows you to disable the volume of the game. It is different from game music.

Grass Cut Starting Levels

It is available for Android on Google Play Store and iPhones on iTunes.

You have choices to use a variety of movements for mower blade. You need to make a rapid movement to cut the grass as it works fast.

The game allows you to share your high scores on social networking sites like Facebook with your friends and other players.

The game seems very simple as it begins, but you have to face complex challenges as it moves on. You have to cut the grass on impassable patches of the land, and it becomes challenging for you to get points.

This addictive game comes with cool graphics and catches your sight.

Grass Cut Initial Level

Grass Cut Game File Information

File String Information
File Name Grass Cut apk
Latest Version v1.0
File Size 3.8MB
Operating System Requirements Android 4.1 and Above
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Grass Cut apk

If you love playing the challenging games, Grass Cut is for you then. Download it by using the button “Download for Android” at the bottom of this section.

When you see the downloading process is over, select the option “Install” at the bottom of the page. If it does not appear, go to the “Downloads” section of your phone and click the downloaded apk to start the installation process.

Now, the installation begins and ends in no time.

Once the installation is over, select “Open” to launch the game. It will show you the Permission page where the app requires your permission to create, edit and delete your Google Play Games activity. You need to select “Allow” to move ahead.

Now the game launches. Enjoy playing the game and have fun.

How to Download & Install Grass Cut apk on Windows/Mac

If you want to play Grass Cut on a bigger screen like on Windows PC/Mac OS, it is still possible. You need to download an Android Emulator for this purpose. Android Emulator is a tool that transforms your Windows platform into an Android-like platform to run Android apps and games. So, by using an Android emulator, you can easily play this game on Windows PC/Mac.

To begin, you need to download an Android Emulator. There are different Android emulators available online, but I will recommend you to use Bluestacks that is considered the best due to its functionality and an easy user interface. You can download it from Here.

Install Bluestacks by following the on-screen instructions. After its installation, you need to go to the above section and click the “Download for Android” button. It will start downloading the Grass Cut apk file in your system. Now, open the Bluestacks and Downloads of your computer. Drag and drop the Grass Cut apk from Downloads section into the Bluestacks app drawer.

Double-click the apk file to start the installation process. Once it is over, you will see the option “Open.” Use it to launch the game, and that’s it. Here is your game. Enjoy playing it.

Grass Cut Game Tips and Tricks

This action game reminds of Zen. Same like Zen, you are going to use a pair of buzz saws in it to cut the grass from a patch of land. The primary aim is to keep you busy in cutting the grass, and it increases the scores too. However, there are some tricks and tips you can use to raise the scores and points money incredibly fast. Nothing is illegal in my tips and tricks. It is just a set of wise steps you can take to win the game.

Purple flowers give you more points. So, you need to cut the grass area where you find the purple flowers. Concentrate on cutting purple flowers with the mower and get more points rapidly.

Be quick in your action. Look for the target flowers and readily use your mower around them. If you take too much time looking for them, they will start fading away. So, don’t miss this chance and work quickly.

Cut the grass blindly in the earlier levels and don’t use the single blade of the mower. Keep tapping both the leaves to move them together. It will give you a lot of points.

The game comes in a variety of modes. You need to use the Fever mode to play the game. It will increase your coins and diamonds rapidly. When you have mowed the purple flowers, the blade of your mower will extend and thus, it will cover the entire lawn to cut the grass. So, you can increase the number of coins in no time.

Don’t get a hurry to start the game. View the scene first and perceive the area you want to begin with. First, you decide, and then start mowing the grass rapidly and continuously.  The game is all about perception and the right decision at the right time.


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