How to Fix Google Play Services has Stopped Error on Android

While visiting the Google Play Store or using Google Chrome browser, seldom there appears an error message like this “Google Play Services” has stopped.”

It appears because there is something wrong with the Google Play Services” that works as a framework for all of the Google services installed on your Android phone or tablet.

It is still ambiguous what causes this problem in Android devices. Well! Nothing to worry about. Try a few fixes I am going to discuss in this guide. You will get rid of this problem for sure. Here we go!


1. Update Google Play Services App (Most Working Solution)

The current version of Google Play Services may be interrupting the system and showing this error. So, it becomes the need of the hour to update this app to fix this problem. Here is how to update it.

You need to click here to go to the link where you can find the latest version of Google Play Services.

Once you have finished the installation, reboot the device, and that’s all. Now you will not see the error.

2. Clear Cache (Google Play Services)

Since it is a framework for all of the Google services working on your device, you need to remove its cache memory.

Sometimes the cache memory is interrupting its functionality, and it shows an error. Follow the steps below to clear cache.

Open “Settings” in your Android phone.

Scroll down to see “Applications” and select it to move ahead.

Now click “Application Manager” in this category.

Application Manager Tool
Here, the list of downloaded apps appears.

You need to tap “Google Play Services” in the list.

Google Play Services App

Now select “Disable” as shown in the image below.

Disable Google Play Services

Now scroll down the page to view “Clear Cache” option. Tap “Clear Cache” option from its menu to clean up the entire cache memory.

Now “Enable” Google Play Services and restart the device to check if the error goes.

Clear Cache option

3. Clear Cache (Google Services Framework)

You also require removing cache memory of another system application known as “Google Services Framework.” Follow the steps below in this context.

Open “Settings” in the phone and tap “Applications” category.

Now scroll down the list to find “Google Services Framework” and tap to select it.

Now select “Force stop” and tap “Clear cache” to remove its cache memory.

Restart the phone to apply the changes.

4. Check the Network Connection

Sometimes this error appears when you have a failing internet connection. Check the network connection whether it is working properly. If there is any interruption in it, just get rid of it.

5. Reboot the Phone

If you get the error “Google Play Services has stopped,” reboot the phone immediately. A simple reboot can fix 80% of the temporary issues. So, you need to restart the Android phone or tablet to work around this problem.

6. Clear Data in Google Play Services

In the application Google Play Services, you need to delete all of the data recently existing. It will also clear the defective files in it, and the system will be error-free once again. Follow the instructions below to perform this action.

Go to the “Settings” and tap “Google Play Services” app.

Scroll down and tap “Manage Storage” tab here.

Manage space

Here select “Clear All Data” option at the bottom of the page. It will clear the saved history of the app.

Clear All Data option in Manage Storage

7. Use Reset App Preference Option

May be you have changed the default settings of the app that is interrupting Google Play Services and showing the error. That’s why you need to use the “Reset App Preference” option to reset them. Here is how to use it.

Go to the “Settings” section on your phone and select “Applications” category.

Here, you need to select “Application Manager.”

On the right top corner of the window, you will see an option “More.” Tap this option.

Now, select “Reset app preferences” to reset the preferences to its default settings.

Reset app preferences in App Manager

Restart your device now, and you will see there is no “Google Play Services has stopped” error now.

Reset option for app preferences

8. Google Account Operation

It’s a bit strange, but sometimes the current settings of your Google Account are creating this error. So, by deleting your Google account and adding it again will resolve this issue. So, you need to do it.

Open “Settings” and tap “Accounts” from here.

Accounts in Settings

You will see the list of all apps accounts. You need to click “Google” as you are going to delete the Gmail account.

Here, tap your Gmail account to open its “Sync settings”.

Now, tap “More” option above and select “Remove account” option from here. (In some Android devices you can’t see “More” option. Instead, there is a “three vertical dots” icon. Select it).

Delete Gmail Account

Your account is removed. Now you need to add it again. (Go to the “Settings” and open “Accounts” category here. You will see ” + Add Account” option at the bottom of the list. As you select this option, the Add account wizard starts).

9. Disable & Enable Google Play Services

A simple operation of disabling and then enabling the Google Play Services app can fix this issue occasionally. Just open this app in “Settings” and tap on the “Disable” option to stop its functioning. Now, wait for a couple of minutes and tap “Enable” option to start it. It is a simple trick just like the Power cycling of a router to flush the bugs if there are any.

10. Hard Reset the Phone

If the error persists in spite of using all above-discussed methods, you need to use “hard reset” method that is known as “Factory reset” too. Here is how you can use it.

Go to the “Settings” and tap “Backup and reset” menu from here.

Now, scroll down the list and select “Factory data reset” option at the bottom of the page.

It will flush the entire current settings and currently installed apps, everything you stored on the phone and the downloaded history, etc. Your device seems like you bought a new one. I am sure it will stop displaying the error.


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