Google Chrome Keeps Crashing? Here’s How to Fix it

One of the most chaffed situations is when you are trying to open your desired webpage and Google Chrome crashes time and again. Well! If you are one of those facing this annoying scene, here is how to fix it by using some useful methods. No wonder for using so many methods because there is no solid reason behind these crashes. It can be due to one or the other cause. So, let’s try to resolve this issue by applying various handy techniques one followed by other.

Common Techniques to fix Chrome Crash

Before going deep into the sea, you need to try some simple techniques to work around this issue. Here they are.

1: Open only One Page in Chrome

At times, your system does not contain enough space to load multiple sites at the same time. So, try to open one website at a time. If you have opened multiple sites, you need to close all of them except the webpage you are trying to open. Now the little memory of your system will load the site slowly, but it will not crash.

2: Restart Chrome Browser

You should close Chrome and then reopen it. You can use a hotkey “Ctrl + Q” to close Google Chrome and then open Chrome browser and press “Ctrl+Shift+T” to reopen the site you were trying to open earlier. It will work somehow.

3: Reboot PC

If the error persists, you should reboot the system. From time to time, some applications in your system may be interrupting the loading of your desired website in Chrome. So, restarting the system can resolve the issue to some extent.

Method # 4: Use Another Browser
Try a Different browser

If you are still confronting this issue, you need to open the same website in another browser. Changing the browser can testify whether it is browser’s problem or the site itself contains an error. So, try to use Internet Explorer or Firefox for this purpose. If the problem persists, it means the issue is not with Chrome; there is some problem with the website you are trying to open. So, contact the site admin to keep him aware of this condition.

Techniques Involving Google Chrome Settings

There are some useful techniques to change the settings of Google Chrome to fix this issue. You can try all of them to remove crashing error.

1: Reinstall Chrome

There may be an issue with Chrome browser profile. Thus, it becomes unavoidable to uninstall Google Chrome from the installed programs and then re-install it.

Go to “Control Panel” and select “Uninstall a Program” under “Programs” category.
Uninstall a Program Option

It will show you the list of installed programs. Now select “Google Chrome” and click “Uninstall” option that appears ahead.
uninstall Google Chrome

Now re-install it and see if everything is working finely.

2: Chrome Extensions

Sometimes, a crashed webpage is due to Chrome extensions. If you have a large number of extensions, you may experience crashes time and again. So, you should keep a few addons. Just delete all of addons and add them again. Go to the “Menu” icon at the top right corner of Google Chrome. It will show you a category “More Tools” and as you hover the mouse pointer on it, you will see an option “Extensions.” Just click it to view the extensions.
Extensions option

Remove all of them and then restart Chrome to add the necessary ones only.
Relevant extensions

3: Remove Saved Passcodes

When you are trying to access a site for which you have already saved the password, it may show you crashed page. It is because the passwords you have saved are corrupt. So, it becomes necessary for you to remove all passwords. Click “Menu” icon in Google Chrome and select the category “Settings” in the list.
Settings in Chrome menu

At the bottom of the Settings page, there will an option “Show advanced settings” that needs to be selected.
Show Advanced Settings option

Now in advanced settings, at the bottom of the page, there will be a category “Manage Passwords.” Click to view saved passwords. As you see them, select one password and click “X” appears next to it to delete it. Remove all of them by following the same method and click the option “Done” at the bottom.
Passwords category

Now restart your browser and try to reload the desired page, it will work for sure.

4: Clear Saved Data

You should clear the history of downloaded files, cookies, cache memory and other data. It may be interrupting the loading of the page.

Go to “Menu” icon at the top right corner of Google Chrome and click “More Tools” option. It will show you “Clear Browsing data” that needs to be selected.
Clear Browsing History option

Now a page will appear on the screen with some checkboxes. Check all the boxes to delete the entire history of Google Chrome. Refresh the page and then try to reload the page.
Clear Browsing data

5: Disable Hardware Acceleration

It is very important for you to disable hardware acceleration option because it can interrupt a straight connection of a website on Chrome.

Go to “Settings” in Chrome Browser and click “Show Advanced Settings” option at the bottom of the page.
Show Advanced Settings optionIn Advanced Settings, you need to look for a category “System” that usually lies at the bottom of the page. Uncheck “Use Hardware Acceleration when available” option.
Use Hardware Acceleration disable

Complex but Handy Methods

If none of the above-discussed techniques is workable, you should try the following methods that are absolutely handy to fix this issue.

1: Change Chrome Profile

Chrome has a lot of veiled features, and one of these veiled ones is its profile. It may be the bone of contention that needs to be removed by renaming it. When you rename the profiles folder, Chrome generates new profiles in no time and thus, the problem will not exist anymore.

Go to “Start” and open Search bar where you need to enter “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\” and press Enter.

You will see the “User Data” folder where you need to right-click “Default” folder and select “Rename” option. Now type “Backup Default” and press “Ctrl+X” to cut it from “User Data” window. Now return to “Chrome” folder and press “Ctrl+V” to put it here. That’s all. Chrome will create a new profile in no time and thus, you would be able to open your desired pages without any more crashing.
Default rename

2: Chrome Conflicts

There is a potpourri of modules that can create a conflict of any webpage with Google Chrome. You can check by using “Chrome://conflicts” command.

Go to the browser and type “Chrome://conflicts” in the address bar to open modules.
Chrome conflictsIf there is any fishy module, you will see it in red color, and a warning message will also appear with it in such way, “Known to conflict with Chrome.” If it is so, you need to download a Malware cleaner to give full protection to your data and the system. AdwCleaner is reliable in this context.

3: Antimalware Program

It may be due to some malware or virus that creates this annoying situation for you. So, you need to install a reliable anti malware program to remove the crashing problem. Comodo Cleaning Essentials is one of them. You just need to install it, and it will detect and kill every malware harming your system.

Comodo Cleaning essentials

4: Use SFC (System File Checker) Option

Ultimately, there is SFC option for you to get rid of this problem. You need to use it in Command Prompt (with admin rights).

Right-click the Start button (In Windows 10) to view the context Start menu. It will show you “Command Prompt (Admin) in the list. Just select it. If you are using any other version of Windows, just press “Windows key + R” to open Run dialog box and type “cmd.exe”. Press Enter while you have done.

Command Prompt Admin rightsNow type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter.
SFC Scannow in CMDIt will take a couple of minutes to complete, and that’s all. Now reboot the system and open Chrome to access your desired websites. Surprised! Yes, it is working now.


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