Download FRP Bypass apk for Android (Use With & Without OTG)

Google has introduced a fantastic feature for the users of Android phones. The function is known as “Factory Reset Protection.” Suppose! You lose your mobile phone. Or you forget it somewhere. What will happen? Of course, you will be insecure about your personal data. It may be stolen or erased.

Google’s newly introduced feature “Factory Reset Protection” helps you a lot in this matter. Although it is a handy feature, what if you forget the password of your Gmail ID? A solution is here, FRP Bypass tool helps you to deactivate the password and to retrieve your personal data. Moreover, FRP Bypass is also very helpful if you want to fix an issue related to Factory Reset. Suppose! You have factory reset your device, and you forget the password for Gmail ID. FRP Bypass enables you to retrieve the password.

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FRP Bypass app

Salient Features of FRP Bypass

The app is free to download and use. You do not need to pay anything to use it.

The tool is straightforward to use. You do not require specific expertise to use it. Just download the tool and use it. All essential features are present on the Home Page of the app.

It is a straightforward tool that does not require a Signup.

Your personal data is quite safe and secure while using the tool. As a matter of fact, every person has a lot of personal files in different sections of the mobile phone. So you have too. When you start using the tool, it does not affect any file on your mobile phone.

If you have personal data on the phone and you lose your phone, unfortunately, what will happen? How can you save the phone from unauthorized access? There is only one way that is to obtain the password of your Gmail ID. FRP Bypass tool ensures to retrieve the password of Gmail ID within a few seconds.

The app comes with a number of tools that suit the buildup structure of all Android phones. So, you do not need to use different tools for low-end and high-end Android phones.

FRP Bypass apk File Information

File String Information
File Name FRP Bypass apk
File Size 1.6MB
Latest Version v1.0
Operating System Requirements Android 1.5 and above
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install FRP Bypass and Use it with OTG

How to Use FRP Bypass with OTG

If you want to use FRP Bypass with OTG, you require a flash drive, OTG cable, and PC.

Go to the “Download for Android” option and download the FRP Bypass apk in your PC. Connect the USB drive to the PC and copy the apk file to the USB drive.

Connect the USB drive with your Android device by using the OTG cable.

Here, you need to go to the “Settings” of your phone and tap the “Lock Screen and Security” section here. Swipe to “Enable” the option “Unknown Sources” from here. If it is disabled, you are not authorized to install a third-party app.

Launch the app in the Android phone and follow the on-screen instructions to move ahead. The setup wizard starts now. Tap the option “Install” to begin the installation process.

The “Terms and Conditions” page appears on the screen. Here, you need to tap “I Agree” to show your consent and proceed. Within a minute, the installation gets over.

Tap “Open” to launch the tool.

On the Main Page, you will see “Factory Reset Protection” tab. Here, you need to add the Gmail ID and password. Since you have forgotten the password, so, you will skip this step.

Open the “Backup and Reset” section in the “Settings” of your phone and tap the “Factory and Data Reset” option to remove the data from your phone.

There appears an option “Erase all Data” to confirm your action. Tap this option to permit, and it erases the saved data from the phone.

Now, wait for a moment or two until the Bypass Google FRP gets over.

When it is done, you will receive the confirmation alert. Reboot the Android phone, and that’s it.

Now, the system asks you to add the Gmail ID and Password. Here, you need to add the new Gmail ID and password to start using the Google Play Store.

How to Use FRP Bypass without OTG

In this method, you require no PC, no OTG cable and USB drive. Just a fast Wi-Fi connection is required.

You need to download the FRP Bypass apk in the Android phone and install it by using the method given above.

Now, launch the app.

In the “Setup Wizard” tap the “Reset” option. Once the phone is reset, reboot the device Select “English (United States)” and tap “Proceed” option.

Now you need to access the “Settings” of your phone. It is not an uphill task. However, it requires following a lengthy set of instructions. You can’t get into the Settings of your phone directly. Follow the steps below to go to the Settings.

Select the Wi-Fi connection and type its password.

On the on-screen keyboard, you will see the “Settings” icon. Tap this icon. It will open the “Languages” section on the screen.

Here, tap “Help & Feedback” icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Type a word or phrase in the search bar (You can type “FRP” in the search bar) and tap the option “Share” from the page. It shows you some apps where you need to select “Messages” app.

Here, in the Contact icon, type the following numbers *#*#4636#*#*

It takes you in the testing section where you need to select “Usage Statistics” option.

In this section, when you tap the “back arrow” you are exactly in the “Settings” section. It is where you wanted to be.

Now go to the “Backup and Reset” category. Tap the option “Factory Data Reset” to erase the Gmail credentials from your phone. It will delete the entire data from it.

When the phone restarts, it will ask you to add a new Gmail ID and Password. Provide a unique ID to access the Google Play Store.

That’s all guys! It is a bit lengthy process but works the best for the users who cannot access OTG cable, PC and a USB drive.


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