15 Best Music Downloader Android Apps

A great benefit of using the Smartphones is that you can carry all of your important stuff in it everywhere as you can consider them as your mini portable computers. It has also made it an easier task to find out your favorite music. You can listen to your favorite music not only at your home but everywhere because you are provided with the best quality of Android apps to download music for free now. I have compiled a quick rundown of the best android apps to download your favorite music without paying any charges. My list consists all of the great Android free music downloaders including some of the radio stations. But all of them are pocket-friendly. So, let’s have a look at the features of all of them so that you could pick up one for you.

Best Android Apps to Download Music For Free

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Best Android Apps for Free Music Downloads

Google Play Music

Google Play Music AppThis app needs no intro due to its immense popularity among the music lovers. It is a cool app to provide you with the opportunity of uploading more than 50,000 songs to the cloud and even you can enjoy listening to your favourite songs offline anywhere. Its free version gives you a curated playlist of thousands of songs.

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Deezer Music AppDeezer offers you the best quality audio for offline listening. It enables you to create a playlist with an unlimited number of songs to enjoy your desired music everywhere.

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iHeartRadio AppIf you love music radio stations, you would prefer this radio app that allows you to download your favorite songs from a wide range of radio stations. In short, a versatile app with a variety of radio channels to listen according to your taste.

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Jango Music AppJango is another radio app that provides you access to the songs of individual new artists and rock stars from all over the world. You can enjoy a broad range of music genres like Hip-Hop, Remix, Classical and much more. The only disadvantage of using Jango Radio is that you will get one ad per day. Well! For a crazy music lover, that is not an unbearable thing.

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SoundCloud Music AppDiscover all genres of music and enjoy listening and downloading your loved music files from Rap, Hip-Hop, Love, Chill, Classic, Romantic and many more categories. Enjoy electronic music in a more stylish way.

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4Shared Music Free Downloader

4Shared MusicIt is an online resource where you can store up to 15 GB music files. You can download your desired music files in MP3 format anytime anywhere to listen to them offline. It is a must download app for the crazy fans of music.

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RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

RockMyRun Music DownloaderWant to move your body with rocking music during your Workouts? That is what you can do by downloading this great app. You can enjoy listening to the best DJs in the world while you are busy in a workout. It increases motivation and kills boredom while you are taking exercise, running, jogging or walking towards a place on foot.

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Anghami Music DownloaderA great app to discover music and to get them on your Android phone or tablet. It contains the biggest collection of music files including millions of Arabic, English, and American music albums from individual singers. You can enjoy all types of songs to kill boredom and to have a real time. A great feature of Anghami is that all of the music files are in Dolby that makes you relax to listen to all of songs while using little data.

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Swift Downloader

Swift downloaderIf you are looking for an app that could download videos from Facebook or Instagram as well as from other websites, you should download Swift Downloader. Get your favourite music files in a faster way. Just type your desired song or album or just the name of the artist in the Search box and get it downloaded within a few moments. You can hide your desired videos by using its security feature. While downloading music files, no ads annoy you.

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Music Downloader

Music DownloaderA powerful Android app to play online and offline music for free from all parts of the world. You can select any songs from 50 genres. Just search your desired music files and hit the download button to get them on your Android device. You can pick a song from 30,000 tracks including remixes and high-quality original tracks.

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Free MP3 Music Download

Free MP3 Music downloaderThe app contains 600,000+ MP3 songs from hundreds of genres all around the world. You can search by using a few words from the songs or the name of the artist.

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MP3 Music Downloader

MP3 Music downloaderIt gives you a sound song searching function with faster results. You can download your desired music files promptly with no delay. It enables you to download free music in MP3 files and to share it with your mates from anywhere. All original, sample and remix are available for download.

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SONGily Music DownloaderA great app that connects you with SONGily.com to download all of your favourite music files. It works without showing irritating ads and provides a faster downloading. Just type the name of the artist or song and get it at once.

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PlaYo – Free Unlimited Music

PlaYO Music DownloaderEnjoy Millions of songs with thousands of playlists on PlaYo. Now listen by mood or genre and discover a variety of lovely songs. If you are busy in chatting or checking emails on your Android device, PlaYo will continue playing songs in the background. Get your favourite songs on your phone and even create your personal radio channel by using all the songs in your playlist.

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Audiomack Free Music, Mixtapes

AudioMack Music DownloaderWith an enhanced downloading speed, you would love to have this app. You can download and share your desired music files with other people. Search any album, artist or song by typing it into the Search bar to get your lovable music faster. Follow your mates and favourite music artists to discover the best and the latest music added by them. Explore mixtapes, individual original songs and albums to get them into your Android device.

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