Best Apps for Free in-App Purchases on Android (No Root)

Don’t be confused by “In-app Purchase.” Let me explain it first. The term in-app purchases mean to buy an additional service that can be used in your desired app. For example, if you are playing a game and in that gaming app, you purchase a sword to fight a combat in that match. At times, you view different ads while playing a game and you are sick of seeing them.

So, you purchase an additional app to remove advertisements from your gaming app. All these are in-app purchases. Some very nice apps can be downloaded for in-app purchases. I have picked up the best three apps among them to make you clear-headed. Here are the features of all three apps.

Disclaimer: This information is just for informational purposes, we don’t promote these methods in any way. You can use these apps at your own risk.

How to Download Paid Android Apps for Free (3 Best Apps)

CreeHack toolA tool that contains every element necessary for Android games. It does not require any Root access. You can hack any game (Android) without rooting your device. If you need to access different games that are paid ones, you can use CreeHack to access them free.

The only irritating thing about the tool is the survey pages that appear on your screen, and you have to fill them out to get this app. It seems a bit tiring, but it turns your boredom into excitement when you play the paid games without paying charges due to CreeHack magic.

When you download it, you just need to tap its option “Enable” because it will work in the background while you are playing your desired game. Now tap “Pay” to complete the process and that’s all. How simple is it to use CreeHack for downloading the paid games for free on your Android device? Isn’t it?

LeoPlay Card
LeoPlay Card toolIt is an alternative of Lucky Patcher, but with a little difference. When you use Lucky Patcher, you need to root your Android phone or tablet. On the other hand, when you use LeoPlay Card app, you do not require to root your Android device. You can use it for many games such as Pinball full high-definition and Fool, etc. It works in the same way like CreeHack.

When you want to download a paid game from Google Play, the free card of LeoPlay Card app enables you to get it free. It supports loads of apps. There are many apps; Freedom does not support.

LeoPlay Card supports such apps too. By using this app, you can download unlimited paid games without paying a penny.

There are some precautions for using it. They are as follows.

  • Some paid apps have a security check and due to that check any person who tries to download them by using such tool may be banned. So you can try at your own risk. However such does not happen with every paid app.
  • If you want to use it on paid online games or applications, it will not be applicable. It works only with the paid apps that are downloadable.
  • Your account that is used in purchasing apps might be blocked due to these illegal activities because legally you are not allowed to use such kind of tools.

AppSara in-app purchasing toolIt is also a useful tool that can be an alternative to LeoPlay Card because it also can be used without rooting your Android device. But I have placed it at the end of the list of best tools because it supports only a few apps. It is not compatible with a broad range of games and apps like CreeHack or Lucky Patcher.

You should be well-versed with the fact that while purchasing an app if you are asked to enter the number of your credit card, it shows that app is not supported by this tool. Just “Enable” it after downloading. Now go to the app you want to purchase and make sure, it is recommended by AppSara. Just tap the “Purchase” option and within a few seconds, you will see the message “Payment Successful.”

Keep enjoying your favorite paid games without paying a single penny.