Fast Car Racing Rivals Android Game Review [2017]

Given the high use of smartphones, gaming has become handy and quite a famous hobby for most of the people. People play games while they are waiting for their station in the local train or while having some free time at work or school. Every day, more than 25,000 people access Google Play Store to download applications and games. The most followed category is the gaming category and the two most favorite categories in gaming on smartphones are soccer and car racing. Here we are reviewing one of the most trending car racing game these days; “Fast Car Racing Rivals”.

Fast Car Racing Rivals Android

This game is a great fun for those who love to drive fast on various adventurous tracks. This game gives you Custom Street racing experience. It has been launched recently and has surprisingly gained a lot of popularity among the gamers. You may have played other car racing games from different genres but this one is going to give you an amazing experience and an adventurous ride. You are able to control the graphics, laps, the maps and also the speed.

Unlike many other car racing games, you do not have to unlock the laps and maps; they are already unlocked so you can enjoy different racing tracks and go for unlimited drag racing. There are no cops or speed checks, so you can go as fast as you want and smash into as many cars as you want. Another great deal about the game is that you can enter the car racing zone with your own name. You can edit the player name with yours and play extreme driving with your rivals. Wouldn’t it be delightful to see your name go up in the score list?

Fast Car Racing Rivals offers five different racing cars with different yet best features. They are giving the best cars from best companies to their players; such as:

  • Mercedes
  • Jaguar
  • Bugatti
  • Pony Car
  • Pegasi

These cars play a major role in providing an exceptional car racing experience to the players. All of these cars are one of a kind when it comes to acceleration, car handling, aerodynamics, brakes, and controls. You can do all the fun you want with these cars. You can drift, you can race, you can use extreme nitro, you can do the dragging and do all the stuff with your car that you cannot do in real life on real roads with real cars. You can also see the replay of your lap once the game is over. You would be glad to see how you drifted at a sharp turn and how you managed to jump through a cliff and dodged the rival car racer.

Graphics and variety

There is a variety of location and tracks to choose from in Fast Car Racing Rivals. You can see the road maps and judge the curves and bumps. You can choose as per your preference. If you are looking for a dangerous and adventurous ride then you must go for the curvy racing track. You will get to experience the controls and grip of the car you are playing with. Moreover, there are 6 different car racing modes. No other car racing game is offering this may modes. Here you will get to race through 6 different modes that are all designed to enhance the gaming experience;

  1. Speed trap
  2. Check points
  3. Elimination
  4. Circuit
  5. Lap knock out
  6. Time trial

Car racing is a high-end entertainment when you get to drive with NOS and CSR. Playing a car racing game on your Android phone is just like being in a personal car racing zone. You are able to see your position during the game, so you can know how far and how fast you have to go to win the game. the game also provides you with three different dimensions of the camera so you can see the wide angle, front mirror screen and side screen of the car.

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Final verdict

You will love the game once you start playing it with your customized difficulty levels. This game is an addiction when you get to experience so many locations, modes, and controls. You can download it for free from Google Play Store and get going with the wonderful gaming experience.



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