Enable Autocorrect and Highlight Misspelled Words in Windows 10

Though all devices have the autocorrect feature enabled by default but if you have upgraded from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10, it is possible that this feature might be disabled. This means, if you are working on an assignment or writing an article for your blog on MS Word, your system won’t autocorrect and highlight the misspelled words occurred due to typing mistake.

Why this Feature is Important?

The main reason you must have this feature enabled is that you don’t want to cast a bad impression on your assignments just because of wrong spellings. Of course, you don’t have enough time to manually type a document in MS Word and then spend another hour just to proofread it for any spelling mistakes.

Under such circumstances, the autocorrect and highlight misspelled words features in Windows 10 prove to be very handy. What it does is either autocorrect the misspelled words or if not, then it highlights them with a red line for your review. In this way, you can easily spot only those words that are spelled wrong due to a typo and correct them. This also saves a lot of your time, and you won’t be fussing your head with proofreading.

Below I have shared a very simple, yet an important guide on enabling this useful feature in Windows 10. Take your time to go through the steps, and implement as you proceed.

Enable Autocorrect and Highlight Feature

1: Click on the Windows button, and from the menu displayed, tap on “Settings”.


2: Next click on “Devices” icon from the settings window.


3: Now tap on “Typing” option from the left pane.


4: Finally under the “Spelling” from the right pane, toggle the buttons to “On” to enable the autocorrect and highlight feature.

spelling toggle on

Now, you can type an incorrect word for testing out whether this feature works perfectly or not. Similarly, if you want to disable this feature for any reason, you can do it anytime you want. I hope this guide was helpful. Do leave your feedback in comments!