Eight Benefits of using Earbuds in Daily Routine

It’s a no brainer that listening to music motivates oneself. In fact, it drives your work and productivity.

Eight Benefits of using Earbuds

Whether you’re in your home or at the office, you probably have a pair of earbuds at arm’s stretch and millions of people around the world use them to listen to their favorite music. To be honest, they have become a necessity of life for many people.

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Earbuds or in-ear headphones offer you plenty of benefits of using them in daily routine. The most obvious of which is their lightweight profile and ease of mobility. Let us dig into some more of their benefits and find out how they impact your life.

1: Earbuds are Portable

Even though the normal version of headphones(over the head) is also portable but the earbuds can even fit inside your pocket. Moreover, the modern-day earphones come with tangle-free cords so you have a clean out-of-the pocket earphone every time.

They can be stapled with portable media devices and can be used on the go. Earbuds have a thin audio jack, thin cord and are extremely light in weight. Best of all, they don’t make you look like an air traffic controller.

2: Style & Color

Even though we all loved the apple earbuds that came in white color but nowadays, we have other companies like Bose, Audionic, etc. that offer headphones in brilliant and bright colors. They come in different styles and as a matter of fact, earbuds have become a fashion or trend all around the world.

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The traditional earphones that were made back in the start of the 21st century were odd, lag the style and were quite bulky as well. Nowadays, they are smart, cool and stylish, they come in various shapes and enticing features.

3: Affordable

Unlike headphones that are pretty expensive even on the low-end, earbuds come at a very affordable price. Like we reviewed 10 earbuds that are under $50 and there are many others as well for as low as $25. Not to mention that they still have all the features that a standard earphone must have.

However, if you are looking to invest more, then definitely there are tons of models available that can go as much as $100+ or even more. But a price between $40-$60 is a good bargain to get your hands on a nice and stylish pair.

4: They set Expectations that you are Occupied

Having your earbuds on while working or doing a particular task will set an expectation on the people around you that you are deeply engaged in doing your work and they are less likely to interrupt you.

Many times it happens that if you are occupied with something important, especially at office, some colleague will disturb you in the middle of the work. Having your earbuds on can decrease or completely eliminate the chance of being interrupted unless it’s very important.

5: Increase Motivation

Music helps to increase motivation. It not only prevents the isolation but increases energy levels and boosts your mood. Whether it is a sad-song, hip-hop, rock, jazzy or instrumental, it keeps you focused and motivated.

We recommend creating a playlist of your favorite songs and sync it while you are busy doing your daily tasks.

6: Comfortable

Earbuds, as compared to headphones are very comfortable. They have a tiny profile that makes them comfortable. Earbuds have a thick padding on the edges that doesn’t irritate your ears. Moreover, they have a thin cord that can be easily hidden under your shirt or hoodie without anyone noticing it.

7: Ease of Cleaning

Earphones are guaranteed to get dirty over time. The dirt and wax from the ears can block the sound or make them slippery. However, just by using a damp cloth you can clean them without damaging them.

8: Easy to Drive Car

You can get rid of driving fines and you can better focus on driving your car while talking to someone or listening music. Especially, on bikes these earbuds are your best friends. But never listen too much loud music during driving because you’d not be able to listen horns and voices from outside of the car.