DS4Windows Free Download for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 (64/32 bit)

DS4 Windows is a portable and compact sized tool that works as a middle man between the PS4 DualShock4 Controller with the PC/Laptop. It has been designed for Windows PC and Laptops. You can connect it by using the Bluetooth device to play the games on PC.  It emulates the Xbox 360 controller and ensures accessing more games.

DS4Windows Features

Let me spotlight the striking features of DS4Windows to let you know in-depth about this extract anywhere tool.

  • It has a straightforward and simple user interface. It is very quick in functioning as it has been developed created with the idea to emulate the controller to manage the games quickly. When you open the tool, you will see the main page with all the essential options and features there. If you are not satisfied with the default settings, you can customise it accordingly.
  • The program contains “Auto profiles” option for a few games. Some people do not like to change their profiles manually. For such users, there is “auto profiles” option.
  • The gamers’ first preference is DS4Windows due to its efficiency for using different profiles. For a particular game, you can set different profiles. For example, if you want to use one profile for a specific game, you can set another profile to another game. You can access the controller settings by using the profile system. For every game, you can customise the settings according to your preference. Even it allows you to configure the lightbar.
  • Since DS4Windows emulates the controller, you can play plenty of games. It enables you to import unlimited games from the library. So, it brings more fun for you and your mates. Now, import your favorite games, set custom profiles on them and play with your friends for as much time as you want. So, this program brings unlimited fun for you.
  • The settings have different sections to control motion, macros, mapping and other actions. Even you can configure the sensitivity of the touchpad by using the settings. If you do not like the colour of the lightbar, just change it. Some people do not like the lightbar colors, turn them permanently off. So, everything in DS4Windows is customizable. You can do whatever you think.
  • This portable tool is portable and freeware. It is compatible with all versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10. It is available for both the Windows 64-bit and 32-bit platforms. The latest version of the tool 1.6.8 is available for the users.
  • The company releases its updates to fix bugs and other issues regularly. Downloading these updates and then installing them can take a lot of your time. But the tool comes with the automatic update feature for your convenience. It installs the updates automatically and does not disturb your activities. You keep working, and the updates will be installed in the background.

DS4Windows Alternatives

There are plenty of alternative tools for DS4Windows for gamers. If the program is not working for you or you want to select any other tool, here is a list of the best alternatives of DS4Windows.


AirMicro is at the top of the list due to its stunning features. It is used to map the keyboard/mouse actions to joystick and gamepad keys. If the game does not come with the gamepad support or with the least support, it emulates the game controller quickly.


InputMapper is also a DS4 tool to allow you connect the PlayStation 4 gamepad to the Windows PC by using the USB or Bluetooth.


It is used for the games that come with poor or the least gamepad support. It is used to play the Windows PC games.


It is also used to play the games coming with the least or no gamepad support. It integrates the mouse and keyboard in one place.

DS4Windows Does not Detect Controller (Fix)

Sometimes, the users of Windows 10 complain that they are unable to detect controller while using DS4Windows. Let me explain the reasons for it. You can fix the issues by identifying the problem you are facing.

Occasionally, Windows 10 updates start interrupting the connection. If you have recently installed an update, you need to uninstall it to move ahead.

DS4Windows disables your game controller suddenly. It usually happens in Windows 10. To fix this issue, reboot the system and then establish the connection.

Sometimes, DS4Windows Drivers do not work correctly and it shows an error. You need to uninstall the drivers and then re-install them to fix the problem.

DS4Windows Requirements

Here is the list of requirements for downloading the DS4Windows tool. You need to check the list and fulfil all the requirements before moving ahead.

  • Microsoft .NET 4.5 or Advanced (Unzip it. It is essential for the better functioning of Macros)
  • DS4 Driver (Download the most recent drivers for the tool and install it to your system)
  • Microsoft 360 Driver (It is available on Microsoft official website)
  • Sony DS4 (It is necessary)
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Bluetooth 2.1+ (If your PC does not contain built-in Bluetooth, you can use Bluetooth service via adapter)

Download DS4Windows (32-bit/64-bit)


How to Use DS4Windows

  • Use the link mentioned above to download the tool. It is a zipped file.
  • When you archive the zip folder, you will see two programs in it: DS4Updater and DS4Windows. You need to extract both of them to a location in your system where it is easily accessible.
  • Launch the DS4Windows tool.
  • Here, save the game profiles to any location in your system.
  • A pop-up notification appears on the screen for installation of the DS4Windows driver. If it does not look, go to the “Settings>Controller/Driver Setup” to install it.
  • Connect your software via USB/Bluetooth (The device may ask you to provide the pairing code, it will appear on the PC, provide it to move ahead)
  • Everything is ready to use now. Proceed and enjoy playing your favourite games for long hours.

Precaution: If you ever used SCP’s tool in the PC, you need to uninstall the drivers to use the Bluetooth with DS4Windows. Otherwise, it won’t let you connect with it.


  • Q: Bluetooth seems not working with the tool. What Should I do now?
  • Ans: Some users have Toshiba’s Bluetooth that does not work with this tool. Similarly, if you are using a Bluetooth adapter with CSR, it will also not work.
  • Q: Does the DS4Windows come with Bluetooth Audio Support?
  • Ans: Not at all. It does not support Bluetooth audio feature.
  • Q: What if the keyboard emulation stops working during a game?
  • Ans: When you set the keys for a particular button of the Controller, enable the “Scan code” option. It works with most of the games. If still, the keyboard emulation seems to stop working, it means the tool does not support it.
  • Q: While using a controller with Bluetooth, Dinput mode does not behave properly. Why is it?
  • Ans: It is because Dinput does not support the Bluetooth.


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