Dragon Ball Z Dokkan MOD APK – Unlimited Dragon Stones

Like other RPG games, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan is also very popular among the RPG gamers. It is a board-based game. The game is considered among the highest-rated Android games, and it is entertaining to the players for three years. The download number of the game has reached up to 200 million that shows its popularity among the users. The game is a combination of 3 separate missions. One was released in Chine, one in Japan and the third one is released globally.

Crush Your Opponents in Battlefield Dragon Ball Z Dokkan

What is Game All About

The game takes you to the Dragon world where you have to explore different areas in a novel way. You use your management skills to organize a team and strengthen it with various items. You have a lot of characters in the game, and all have different characteristics. So, you can build a dominant team to win more battles. Well, in the game, you have limited choices of the characters, and many of them are locked.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Salient Features

This adventure game brings a lot of battles for you. However, these battles occur in the board game style with a little variation. You enjoy playing the entire game, except the situations when you want to unlock the players but you cannot do so as you do not have fine points. But it is necessary if you’re going to win the fights.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Characters

There are a large number of characters you need to unlock. You can access to 1000 characters with unique features in the game. Based on the scores money in your possession, you can unlock them and build a team. So, you think more wisely and with broader perception.

There are plenty of items you need to collect to use them against your opponents. Even there are some traps and movements you purchase in the game.

Unique modes of game

If you are a newbie, there is a practice mode for you. Try this mode to learn perfection in the fights. So, use this mode until you become an experienced player with quick perception.

How to Download & Install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan apk

This immensely popular board game is available in Google Play Store and also in iTunes. Click Here to download it from Google Play.

If you are downloading it from Google Play Store, you do not need to “Enable” the “Unknown Sources” option in Settings. It is for the users who are downloading the apk from another online source.

Once it is downloaded, it will automatically start the installation process. Within a couple of minutes, you will see the notification that the game is ready on your phone.

Select “Open” to launch the game. Select your character, equipment and go ahead to face the opponents.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan MOD APK Features

Here is what the MOD version of the game brings for you.

The game brings a unique God Mode enabled for you. The God Mode is your protective shield and saves you from your enemies throughout the game. When the god Mode is enabled, nobody can harm you in the battlefield. So, the god mode transforms you into an immortal character. When your opponents attack you, you will not die. Even they will be unable to make you injured.

Dokkan Battle Mode is another mode offered in the MOD version of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan game. It lets you play the game like a professional. So, you do not need special equipment to defeat your opponents. This mode brings a combination of High Attack and God Mode. So, you have different choices in the game whether to use the God Mode or Dokkan Battle Mode to defeat your enemies.

The game brings unlimited attacks features. You can use this feature to attack your opponents for unlimited times. It does not set your limits to a few attacks only.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan MOD apk File Information

String Information
File Name Dragon Ball Z Tokkan MOD apk
File Size 58MB
Latest Version v4.0.2
Language English, Japanese
Created 08-01-2019

How to Download & Install Dragon Ball Z Dokkan MOD apk

Use the below-given option “Download” to start the downloading process of the apk file of the game. It will take a couple of minutes.

Now, double-click the downloaded apk file and select “Install” to begin the installation.

Once you agree with the “Terms and Conditions,” the installation starts. It shows the installation progress.

Now tap the option “Open” to launch the game.

It will launch the game. Enjoy unlimited rewards, high jumps and God Mode in the game.

Tips and Tricks to Play Dragon Ball Z Dokkan

There are some tips to apply in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan so that you could win the game. Here they are.

First of all, don’t forget that practice makes a man perfect. Fighting also needs practice. So, you need to practice to develop your battle management skills. The game comes with a training mode for the newbie. So, you can practice the game by using this mode.

Don’t waste the Dragon Stones. You need to keep them safe. These stones are significant to increase your skill level. Some stones are precious, and you can use them to summon the new characters with unbeatable battlefield qualities.

You need to be very careful while selecting a character for your team. Every character is a unique feature. So, keep the weaknesses and the strengths of all the characters to build an unbeatable team.

While playing the game, you will get a Login bonus every time you log in the game. If you are playing the game daily, you will get daily rewards. So, don’t forget to play it daily to get login bonuses and rewards. Furthermore, sometimes, your daily reward can unlock the most powerful characters of the game like Zeni, Dragon Stones, and many others. It is only for logging in the game. So, if you don’t play the game daily, it’s ok. At least login the game daily to get these rewards.

If you track down the seven Dragon balls, it will bring different high-value bonuses for you. So, don’t forget to track down these balls that will be highly beneficial for you.

Furthermore, you need to select a training partner, and it should have the same color as your central character has.

In the MOD version of the game, you will have unlimited choices and a lot of options to amaze you. So, try the MOD version of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan to impress your friends with an unbeatable team and incredible score.


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