Download Windows Defender for Windows 7, 8 and 10

Windows Defender is a security tool designed by Microsoft to protect your PC and Laptop running on Windows. For the very first time, it was added in Windows 8 to protect the sensitive data from malicious spyware and viruses. The users of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 do not need to download Windows Defender as it is a part of their security system as a built-in tool. But the users of Windows 7, Vista and XP need to download if they want to use it as a security tool. Before you proceed towards the downloading link, let me bring its salient features to the light.

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How Windows Defender Protects your Windows PC?

Runs in the Background

It does not slow down your system and runs in the background silently. It does not interfere whatever you are working on the system. It completes the “Quick Scan” assigned to it in scheduled time and thus, protects your system silently. It only shows a notification if it requires to inform you about any particular thing or action.
Runs in the Background

Keeps History of Everything

Windows Defender is worthwhile due to its “History” feature. I advise you to open the history of Windows Defender before a shutdown of the system. It will let you know how many viruses, malware or trojans it detected and blocked. You can see the alert level and the time and date of identification too. If you want to remove them all, just click the option “Remove All” below to remove them from your system.

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History of Trojans and Malware

Automatic and Silent Updating

Unlike many other antivirus software, you do not need to update Windows Defender every week and after. It is automatically updated and quite silently without interfering your work. You can see whether the installed definitions of Spyware and Virus are updated or not. Just go to “Update” tab to confirm that. The below screenshot shows how it will look like.
Automatic Updates

A Successor to Microsoft Security Essentials

When MS Security Essentials was designed for Windows users, it was welcomed by the users warmly. But later, it proved inefficient to identify and to kill the malware and trojans. So, the experts advised the users to replace the weak MS Security Essentials with Windows Defender that is quite efficient and can be the best selection for Windows users.
Microsoft Security Essentials Tool

Different Protection Scan Frequencies

It scans by using three different protection scan frequencies. You can select among Real-Time frequency, Manual and Automatic frequencies. The manual scan is considered the primary scan that can take place only if you want to scan by opening Windows Defender and click “Scan Now” option. Automatic scanning of the system takes place at a particular time on daily or weekly basis according to a selected time. The last one is called “Real-Time” scanning that is active every moment to protect the system from silent attacks of the malicious software, trojans, and harmful viruses.

The users do not need to follow hard and fast rules to download this security tool. Just click the option below to start downloading. Click the link in downloads to install it. It will take a couple of minutes.

Note: Because of Windows Defender you can face Antimalware Service Executable error in your PC, so it’s upto you whether you use it or not.

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