How to Delete Search History on Instagram

While using Instagram, you surely do searches about different pages, users and brands. You are also keen to explore your favorite singers and film stars. All of the searches and search results are stored in the app for your further assistance. However, if you do not want to use these preferences, you can delete the search history so that nothing could be tracked. It is very simple to delete search history, and you can do it within a few seconds.

Delete Search History on Instagram

You have to follow the steps mentioned below to erase the entire history of your previous or current searches.

Steps to follow to remove search queries

Open your profile in Instagram. Here, you will see an icon in the top right corner of the Profile window that contains three vertical dots. (If you are using an Android phone or tablet, it will show you this icon as three vertical dots, and if you are using a Windows phone, it will show you the said icon with three horizontal dots). Just tap that icon to proceed further.
profileNow you will be in Settings menu where you have to scroll down until you reach a few categories lie at the bottom of this list. Here, you will see the option “Clear Search History”. Tap on this option. The image presented below shows it very well.
Clear search history optionThere will appear a confirmation message whether you want to remove the search history or not. You need to tap its option “Yes, I’m sure”. It will remove all the history in a second, and that’s it.
Confirmation messageNow you need to check whether you were successful in deleting search history or not? You should click the “Search” option in the menu that lies at the bottom of the app.
Search option It will show you no results in “Top”, “People”, “Tags” or “Places” categories. Hence, the blank screen on Search Page shows that you have done your job successfully.
Blank Search areaSo guys! In this way, you can kill the search history every time you want. Now your search history will not be stored on Instagram, and you can securely search your desired pages, film stars and brands for more and more times, and there will be no tracking problem for stored history.