CompatTelRunner.exe High Disk Usage in Windows 10, 7 and 8 [Fixed]

CompatTelRunner.exe can be a new name for the majority of the Windows users. So, let me explain it a bit. It is a system process, and it is also called “Updates for Windows.” It does not only update the Windows but also updates the Service Pack. When you encounter an error, it runs the Windows diagnostic utility to detect any compatibility issues in the system.

Moreover, it collects the statistics and information regarding the system to provide Microsoft with feedback. Whenever you intend to install Windows Updates, the feedback by CompatTelRunner.exe helps Microsoft to determine the compatibility of your system with the update. Hence, it is due to this process Microsoft can guide you about the compatibility of any Windows Update with your system.

It works very smoothly, but sometimes, you encounter an error message “CompatTelRunner.exe is spiking up High Disk/CPU resources.” It shows various sub-processes in the Task Manager taking up massive resources of Disk. Well! There may be different reasons behind this error message. If you want to terminate this process, go ahead because it is not an essential process for the system.

You cannot delete it because TrustedInstaller owes it. If you get its rights, then you can make changes or eliminate this process from Windows. Here, I am going to discuss how to fix the error efficiently by using various methods.

Solution # 1: Disable CompatTelRunner.exe (Most Working Solution)

You need to disable this process in Task Scheduler. If you can’t remove it, just avoid its functionality to resolve the high CPU or Disk usage issue. Follow the steps below in this context.

Go to the “Cortana Search Assistant and type “Task Scheduler” in the search bar. Select it from the search results.

Click to expand “Task Scheduler Library” in the Task Scheduler window.

Click to expand the folder “Microsoft” and then “Windows” sub-folder.

You will see the “Application Experience” folder in it. Double-click to view its content in the right pane.

App Experience Folder

In the right pane, the list contains three tasks. At the top, you will see “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser” task. Right-click to it and select “Disable” to stop its working.

Now, restart the PC to make the changes effective. Check for the error related to CompatTelRunner.exe. I am sure you have fixed it.

Turn Off Task
Disable it By Using PowerShell

If you do not want to follow a long process given above, just use this direct method to disable Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser.

Type “PowerShell” in Cortana search bar. It will show you PowerShell in the search results. Select the one with Admin rights.

In PowerShell window, type the command (Disable-ScheduledTask -TaskName “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser” -Taskpath “\Microsoft\Windows\Application Experience”) without brackets and press Enter.
Turn off Application Experience in PowerShellThat’s all. Isn’t it easy to follow?

Solution # 2: Repair System Files by Reimage Plus

There may be severe damage in the system files that are causing this problem. So, you need to fix the damage by using a third-party tool “Reimage Plus”.

Just download it from Here. Run its scan, and it will repair the damaged or corrupted system files.
Reimage Plus ToolOnce the scan is over, just reboot the PC. You will find no error now.

Solution # 3: Run System File Checker Scan

The error occurs due to an abrupt change in the system files. A system file may be corrupted or missing. That’s why you face this problem. Use the System File Checker utility to fix the error related to the system files. This service detects and fixes the issues automatically. Here is how to do so.

Right-click the “Start” button and select “Command Prompt (Admin)” from the WinX menu.
Type “sfc /scannow” command in it and press Enter.

System File Checker scanningNow you will see the SFC Utility is scanning the system. Wait for a while until it completes the scan and shows the verification percentage as 100%.

Once it is over, close the Command Prompt window and restart the PC to run a smooth and an error-free Windows.

Solution # 4: Disable Win Compatibility Telemetry Service

You need to turn off the Windows Compatibility Telemetry Service to get rid of this issue. Use the following steps to perform this action.

Press “Windows + R” keys to launch the “Run” box. Type “Services.msc” and press Enter to get into the Services.
services.msc in Run boxHere, look for “Diagnostics Tracking Service” in the Services list. Right-click and select “Disable” from the context menu.

Disable it By Using PowerShell

You can also turn off the Diagnostic Tracking Service by using the PowerShell.

Type “PowerShell” in Cortana Search bar and select it from the search results.

Now type here “stop-service diagtrack” and press Enter. It will stop the functionality of diagnostic tracking service.

Now type “set-service diagtrack -startuptype disabled” and press Enter. This command will disable its startup service.

Close the PowerShell window and reboot the system.

Solution # 5: Stop “Windows Customer Experience Improvement Program” (For Windows 7 and 8 Users)

You can halt the WCEIP while you are login As an Admin in Windows 7 and 8.
Go to the “Control Panel” and select “Action Center” from here.

Here, you need to choose the option “Change Action Center Settings” to move ahead.
Now click “Customer Experience Improvement Program” to view its settings.

Check the option “No, I don’t want to participate in the program” from here. Select “Save changes” option below.

Now you need to turn off the Scheduled Tasks.

Go to the “Control Panel” and select “Administrative Tools” category from here.

Now select “Task Scheduler” to move ahead. Click “Task Scheduler Library” to expand it.

Select “Microsoft” from the list and click “Windows” from here.

Now you will see the “Application Experience” folder. You need to double-click to see its content in the right pane. Right-click “AITAgent” in the list. Right-click to it and select “Disable” from the list.

Now move to the second task “ProgramDataUpdater” below. Right-click on it and select “Disable” from the context menu.

Come back to the “Windows” folder and double-click “Customer Experience Improvement Program” to view its content in the right-pane.

Right-click “Consolidator” and select “Disable” for it.

Repeat this step with “KernelCEIPTask” and “Use CEIP” to disable these tasks too.

Reboot the system and see if it helps you in fixing the issue.

Solution # 6: Delete CompatTelRunner.exe from the System

When you try to remove this file from Windows, it shows you the error “Access is denied” that means you are unable to delete it directly. Well! Its direct removal is not possible.

First, you need to take its control. Only then you can eliminate this process. Follow the steps below carefully to take its full control and to remove it.

Right-click “Start” button to view its WinX menu. Select the “Run” dialogue box from here.

Type “C:\Windows\System32” and press Enter to directly access to the System32 folder.

Here, you need to scroll down the list to get “CompatTelRunner” on the list. You will find this application after the list of folders. Right-click to it and select “Properties” from the context menu.
CompatTelRunner.exe Context MenuIn its Properties window, click “Security” tab and choose “All Application Packages” from the Group list. Now click “Advanced” option as shown in the image below.
Advanced Tab in Security MenuIn the Advanced Security Settings, you need to select the “Change” option to change the ownership of this process.
Change Tab for OwnershipA pop-up window appears. Add here the name of the owner. You need to type here the PC name you are using. Click “Check Names” to confirm the name. For example, I am using the “RC” PC. So, I will add here “RC” to take full access to this process.
Insert Owner's NameNow select “OK” to apply the changes. Close the Properties window. Once again right-click to the process “CompatTelRunner” in the System32 folder in C drive. Select “Properties” from the context menu and click “Security” tab from here.

Again select “Advanced” option as earlier. Now you will see the “RC-PC” ownership in the list of accounts. Double-click on it and check the checkbox “Full Control” to get full access to the process. Select “OK” to apply the changes.

Now you have full control of the process. You can delete it or change it according to your desire. If you want to remove it, right click and select “Delete” from the context menu. It will not show the “Access is denied” error again.

That’s all guys! Now you will not encounter the CompatTelRunner.exe High CPU/Disk Usage issue. Although you will face some minor errors if you delete this process, it will resolve the high usage of Drive issue.


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