Classic Shell 4.2.5 Helps to Get Windows 7 Style Start Menu in Windows 10

As you all know that Windows 10 has gone far ahead in its features, customization and other modifications. The enhanced display and enticing new utilities have served us to give a better user experience. However, one of its features that really is going to be around is it Start Menu. You must be thankful to Microsoft as it has blended the traditional Start Menu with the divisive start screen that was previously found on Windows 8. Best of all it made this menu customizable. So, in case you weren’t as much pleased with the new start menu, you can also revert it to the classic Windows 7 style start menu.

Microsoft has added apps’ tiles in the start menu and it makes the menu a bit heavy in size and it takes some time to get fully loaded, moreover, I personally never open apps from start menu so I don’t need those apps. Also, the layout doesn’t show apps and programs in a user-friendly manner, you have to dig deeper to find your favorite programs or apps.

The reason I’m making this guide is that I received a lot of request from people who rather opt in for the classical Windows 7 styled Start menu. In case you are one of those people, below is a very simple guide on getting the classic start menu in Windows 10.

How you can Get Classic Start Menu in Windows 10?

Classic shell is an old school tool to get a Windows 7 start menu in any later Windows version. It’s handy and you just need to install, turn it on and choose your favorite style and forget forever; it will start running on every reboot automatically. The start menu provided by classic shell 4.2.5 is very similar to Windows 7 and it gives you option to choose classic style, classic with two columns and Windows 7 style, choose which one suites best to your needs.

Download Links for Classic Shell:

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Classic Start 4.2.5 Settings

Moreover, there is an option to choose your desired start button, you can even choose your own image as a start button image. Classic shell is a fully loaded tool, it also gives you options to get classic Internet Explorer settings and also explorer settings.

Once you have successfully installed it, the Windows 10’s Start Menu would be replaced with the classical menu. However, you can always change it whenever you wish to. Let me tell you that the Classic Shell is highly customizable and the beta release had a new Windows 10 settings tab. However, these options are much similar to the Windows 8 version.

Windows 7 Style Start Menu in Windows 10

I do hope the guide was helpful and you were successful in getting the classic start menu.