Download Change My Software Edition 10

Change My Software is not only a tool to add Windows Operating System to your Android device. It is a tool to enable you to use the dual boot feature. It also lets you enjoy the features of both of the operating systems in one device. In this way, it makes you more convenient to use the OS of your choice. Moreover, it gives you wide choices for using unique features of Windows operating system on Android platform.

Change My Software tool comes in different editions. All these editions are a bit changed in features due to the Windows versions. The Edition 10 of the tool lets you enjoy the Windows 10 Operating System on your Android device. So, by downloading it, you can use all of the features, apps and even the play store of Windows 10 on your Android phone.

Change My Software Edition 10

Here, I am going to explain the main features of the tool and how to download Change My Software Edition 10.

Salient Features

It comes in a small sized file that occupies less space in your Android phone.

It is a multilingual tool. That means the tool is available in different languages of the world. So, you can use the tool in your native language.

It enables you to convert the “apk” files into the “.exe” files and the “.exe” files into the “apk” ones. So, you can use Windows features and apps and the Android features and apps at the same time.

The tool lets you use the dual boot of Operating Systems at the same time. It means by downloading the Change My Software, you can boot the Android OS and the Windows OS on one device rather using them on different devices.

It is a freeware and you can download and use it without paying any license fees.

The file comes in a zippy folder that is easy to install.

There is no risk of using the Change my Software.

Download Change My Software Edition 10

Here is how to download and install the Edition 10 of Change My Software.


  • You need minimum 1GB RAM.
  • At least 8GB internal storage is necessary for installation of the files. Since the tool does not detect any external storage device, do not use any external storage device with your Android phone.
  • You need a PC besides your Android phone.
  • A USB cable is required to connect the Android phone with your PC.
  • A faster internet connection is needed of course.

Downloading & Installation Process

  1. Click Here to download the tool on your PC.
  2. Connect your Android phone with PC by using the USB cable.
  3. Go to the “Settings” feature in Android phone and tap the “Developer’s Options” category from here.
  4. You need to enable the “USB Debugging” feature from here.
  5. Now, click the downloaded zipped folder to extract the files.
  6. Here, you need to select the language to use the tool. Set the time and date and also the keyboard input format on this stage.
  7. Once it is over, it will start downloading the remaining drivers. Now select “Install Now” option appearing on the screen. It will start the installation process of the tool on your Android phone.
  8. The phone will automatically reboot. Now select the location where you want to keep the Windows OS on Android device.
  9. Now, wait for a while until the installation progress bar on the screen reaches 100%.
  10. Here, personalize the settings and that’s all guys.

Now you can use both of the Operating Systems on your Android phone.

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  1. For some reasons it does not connect. My phone runs on Android 8.0, 6gig Ram 128 Gig Rom.
    Did the above instructions. Returns 3 errors.

  2. When connect to device, the error message :
    Sorry, this device is to slow or protected by the manufacture

    My device is Moto E4 Plus, how to solve the problem ? thank you


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