Download Change My Software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Technology always amazes us. The latest tools enable us to run Windows operating system on Android platform.  A Large number of Smartphone and tablets run Android operating system. But some latest tools like Change My Software can change your Android device into Windows operating system. Some people still consider it a fake app.

Change My Software

They think that it is impossible to run Windows OS on an Android platform. Well! It is absolutely wrong. It surely works and makes your Android phone a multi-OS device where you can enjoy the dual booting feature. The installation of the software is not a hard nut to crack. Only consider a few things before starting the installation and the process of installation is done easily.

The major reason to consider this tool a fake one is the survey method the official site uses. In this method, you have to go through a long survey before downloading the tool. It is quite boring to follow the long survey method. Some people leave the procedure of downloading the software in the mid due to the boring survey.

Don’t worry guys! If you do not want to follow a long way of downloading the tool, just go to another site where you can find the “.exe” file of Change My Software. In other sites, you can find it in a zip folder. Now the choice is yours.

Why Use Windows OS?

Android OS has its own advantages and Windows OS has its own benefits. But the fast speed is a prominent feature of Windows OS that is not a part of Android OS. Moreover, there are some very attractive features in Windows OS. The users of Android device often desire to have these features on their Android phone that seems impossible so far. So, by using the Change My Software tool, you can use the attractive features of Windows like MS Office more conveniently on your Android device too.

Features of Change My Software

  • It occupies minimum space on your Android device.
  • You can convert all APK files into the “.exe” files and vice versa.
  • You can dual boot the OS on one device. So, Change My Software allows you to boot Android and Windows operating systems on the same device.
  • You can install Android OS on Windows platform and Windows OS on Android platform by using this amazing software.
  • It is a freeware and you do not need to pay anything to download it.


  • It runs two operating systems side by side on one device. So, why buy two devices then?
  • You can use the best features of Windows on Android phone now.
  • It is quick to install due to the compact size of the file.
  • It is available in almost all major languages of the world.
  • It supports almost all versions of Windows OS including XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


  • To download and install the tool is a bit difficult for a newbie. Only a professional PC user can perform this action.

Technical Specs of Change my Software

  • It is absolutely free. You do not need to pay for its license.
  • The file is incredibly in minimum size that is 12.78MB. So, it is very easy to download a small-sized file.
  • It is available in all of the major languages of the world. So, you can download and use it in your local language.
  • It has ARM platform.
  • You need some additional software such as CMS drivers for this tool.


Before installing the tool, you need to go through the list of some requirements to know the precautions.

You need at least 1GB RAM to install the software.

At least 8GB internal storage is essential to install it. You do not need any external storage as the tool does not detect any external storage device.

You need a PC, your Android device and a USB cable to connect the Android device with PC.

The last but not the least is a faster and uninterrupted internet connection.

How to Download & Install Change My Software

How to Download & Install Change My Software

  1. Attach the Android phone with your PC/laptop via USB cable and open “Settings” in the Android phone.
  2. Go to the “Developer’s options” feature to connect the PC with the Android device.
  3. “Enable” the USB Debugging feature from here before starting the download.
  4. Click Here to download the “Change My Software” tool to install Windows operating system.
  5. For every version of Windows, it has a different link. Just select the link on the official website of the tool to start the downloading process.
  6. Once the zip folder is downloaded, just extract the zip folder and tap the “.exe” file to move ahead.
  7. You can backup your current data so that if there is an error in installing the tool, you can restore the current data.
  8. Once you have taken the backup, just tap the button “Next” to continue ahead.
  9. You will see the software drivers are downloading from the online source.
  10. Here, you will need to set your native language, the time and date and the keyboard input format.
  11. Now, it will start downloading. Wait for a while to get the drivers on your PC screen.
  12. Once the downloading process is over, you will see the option “Install Now” on the screen. Select the option to start the installation process on your Android phone.
  13. Once the installation process is over, your Android device will reboot automatically.
  14. You need to select the storage to start the installation of Windows Operating System.
  15. You will see a bar is displayed on your phone where you can see the installation progress.
  16. Now you need to personalize the settings to end the process.

After a while, you will see two different operating systems on your phone including Windows and Android. You can work on both of them.

So guys! You have completed the process of downloading and installing the Change My Software on your Android phone. Now you have two Operating Systems in one device. You can use the features of Android OS and also the features of Windows OS at the same time.


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    my tablette is Mediatak Mt6797 4g ram and 128 Go body memory and 10 core thank you so so much


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