How to Center Instagram Bio – Easy Method

A Centered Bio is getting the attention of the users on Instagram, and everyone is trying to know how to focus his bio on Instagram. Surely, you would also be one of the Instagram users, and you will be looking for some way out to have a centered bio. But there may be no way out for you, and thus, it is bothering you too. If it is so, I am here to solve your problem and to show you an easy way to have a centered bio.

How to Center Instagram BioBefore I discuss the trick, first it should be made clear why the people want a centered bio? Well! It is an apparent fact that everyone on Instagram wants a socially prominent bio so that it may get the attention of the people promptly due to its uniqueness. Centered bio can be an ideal and outstanding feature of your account that can help you achieve your target followers and popularity. Let me explain a precaution for writing a centered bio; when you are creating it, the characters should not exceed the limit of 160 because it will not be a complete bio then. So, include all of the essential traits of your account in it carefully.

How to Do It (Trick)

An online source Free Text Host is greatly helpful to create a centered bio on Instagram. When you visit the above mentioned website, you will find there some words written in scattered form. You just need to copy these words.

Now open your Instagram account. You will see an option “Edit Your Profile”. Tap it to go further.
Edit Your profileYou will be in Profile menu where you should look for bio section.
Bio SectionPaste these words in bio section.
Paste Words in bioNow you can edit these words according to your own choices. Add a socially interesting and influential bio very carefully because it should leave an exquisite impression of your page on other people. So, add all of the important traits of your account/page in it and it should not exceed 160 characters.
Edit Words in bioSave it when you have done with the bio section.

This is how it will look when others view your profile.
Centered bioIsn’t it easy? Try it.

Tip: Internet Marketers can add their affiliate links in their bio and can center them to make them visible to their audience.