Download Buddy Toss apk & MOD apk (Unlimited Money + Unlocked Features)

Buddy Toss is a very interesting game. It does not contain action, thrill and combats. But the game is complete fun. The game is suitable for the people of all ages including the kids, teenagers and the mature people.

Buddy Toss game

The game comes with a fun challenge to use your power to toss a man to the greater heights. When you toss him once, he reaches some height. When you keep him tossing, again and again, he reaches the sky. Keep him tossing and conquer the Galaxy. It is an amazing game that keeps you busy for hours. The game is very interesting and undoubtedly it is full of fun. Accept the challenge and toss the man to show your strength. The higher toss will prove you the strongest person. Every time you toss him in the air, you get some more points. So, get unlimited points by tossing him higher and higher.

Buddy Toss Salient Features

The game is completely fun for the people of all ages.

You can download it free from Google Play.

It has too many ads when you start playing. The simple solution to avoid the ads is to play the game in aeroplane mode. It will not show the ads and you can enjoy playing your game for hours.

The controls of the games are perfect and super fast. You toss the buddy through space and he reaches to the Galaxy. The situation is very interesting and makes you laugh loud occasionally.

Reach the Galaxy

The graphics of the game are simply breath-taking. You will love the realistic graphics. Sometimes you feel like a real person is falling to the ground. It is amazing when you toss the buddy through the air and he reaches the Galaxy and coming back to the ground rapidly.

The game comes with complete fun. The perfect design of the game does not let you get bored while tossing again and again. Even that you are never bored with the game while playing it daily. It is full of entertainment.

Unlimited Levels of Game

The game modes are endless and you can keep playing it for a longer time. Every time you toss, he reaches to some more height. This makes you crazy to show more power.

It supports all Android devices including the phone and tablet.

File Information

File String Information
File Name Buddy Toss apk
File Size 40
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0.3
Latest Version v1.1.6
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Buddy Toss apk

You can download and install the Buddy Toss apk by following the instructions below.

Go to the end of the section where you will find the “Download Buddy Toss” option. Tapping this option will start the downloading process.

The game is in a compact size and does not take much time in downloading.

Now, tap the apk file and select “Install” to start the installation process.

It shows you the page “Terms & Conditions” where you need to select the “I Agree” option.

Now, the installation starts. Wait for a while.

Within half a minute, you will see the game icon appears on your device. Tap the game’s icon to start unlimited fun.

Buddy Toss MOD apk

When you toss the buddy in the air, your highest score is calculated in meters. The higher meters you have tossed him will be your highest score. For every turn, you get some stars as a reward. These stars are actually precious and can be helpful to upgrade your character. However, if you have money, you can buy a new character from the game store. If you view the ads appearing now and then, it will give you some more rewards. So, you can use the money to upgrade.

If you do not want to use the little money and small prizes options, there is another option for you. You can download Buddy Toss MOD apk. It comes with great features to make your gameplay more interesting and adventurous. You get unlimited money to buy your desired items from the store. It also gives you enough financial power to buy your favourite characters. So, the stuff helps you to upgrade your character.

Furthermore, it allows you to toss the man with more strength and thus, the MOD apk brings more points for you. There are two modes of the game you can play: the main play mode and the story mode. If you get a few stars in the main play mode, you can play the game in stories mode. It will help you to get more stars.

The MOD version of the game comes with Buddy Thief theme. In this theme, you will see two thieves are stealing in a tall building. One thief tosses the other into the air and the tossed buddy crosses the buildings. The main theme is the same in it, but the only difference is the feature of stealing that has been included in it. In this theme, the highest score is calculated by using the highest number of floors. Here, stealing is the main feature. If you steal more and more items, you get more prizes.

The MOD version of the game does not include ads. If you are playing Buddy Toss original game, it contains a lot of ads now and then. That keeps you disturbed in the entire game. However, the MOD version is free from ads and you can enjoy interesting gameplay for hours without facing ads.

How to Download & Install Buddy Toss MOD apk

Go to the end of the section and select “Download Buddy Toss MOD apk” from there.

It will start the downloading process that completes within half a minute.

Tap the downloaded file and select “Install” from the bottom of the page.

The installation process begins. On the “Terms and Conditions” page, you need to select “I Agree” to proceed.

Now, wait for a while until the installation process completes. Once it is over, you will see the option “Open.”

Tap this option to open the game. Once you are in the game, tap “Start” to begin the unlimited fun.

Understand the rules and features available in it and start the game.


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