Blackmart Alpha APK: A Substitute of Google Play Store

When you intend to download your favourite app or game from Google Play Store, you need an active Google account. Otherwise, you can’t download. Well! Don’t be disappointed. Another great alternative to Google Play Store is Blackmart Alpha. It has been designed by Blackmart for Android Operating System. It has amazing features I am going to discuss here with you.

  • You do not need a Google account to download anything from here.
  • It also needs no registration.
  • It is very simple to use.
  • There are a lot of apps and games you can download.
  • It is absolutely safe and secure for Android OS. No app or game comes with malicious software.

On Google Play Store, a large number of apps are paid ones and you do not find their full versions. Only trial versions are available. It does not happen with Blackmart Alpha. All apps and games are free to download. No app or game comes with “trial” version. All are complete apps.

Technical Prescriptions of Blackmart Alpha

Let’s have a look at some technical prescriptions of Blackmart Alpha to know how beneficial it is for the users who do not have Google account.

It comes with a multilingual feature. So, the users around the globe can use it.

It is incredibly easy without any hard and fast rules. So, just download and start using it.

It is fast to download and install. The downloading process takes only a few seconds and the installation process continues up to a couple of minutes.

There is no need to add payment methods while download or installing it.

It comes with a powerful search option. You can search the apps by category or class. Let say! In Games, you can search by “Brain & Puzzle, Racing, Cards & Casino, Arcade, Educational, Trivia and this kind of other categories.

The Blackmart Alpha is regularly updated with the latest apps that are absolutely compatible with all Android devices.

Download & Install Blackmart APK

Here is how you can download and install Blackmart Alpha APK on your Android device.

Before starting the download, Just go to the “Settings” on your Android phone.

Tap the “Lock Screen & Security” option.

Now “Enable” the option “Unknown Sources” from here. Now the system will let you install the app from an unknown source.

Now, Click the below button to download the APK to your Android phone.

Tap the downloaded APK and tap “Install” option. It will take a couple of minutes.

Blackmart Alpha Installation

Once the installation is over, you will get the notification “App Installed” as shown in the image below. Tap “Open” to go ahead.

Blackmart Alpha Installed

You will see the Privacy Policy page of Blackmart Alpha. You need to tap “Next” on this page to move ahead.

Privacy Agreement of Blackmart Alpha

Now, Tap “Open” at the bottom to launch the Blackmart Alpha. Here it is. Now browse the categories and download any app without using Google account.

Blackmart Alpha Menu

Note: Sometimes, an application downloaded from Blackmart Alpha is not compatible with your Android device and it does not run properly. If, it happens, just uninstall the app and download another version of the app.



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