BitLife – Life Simulator apk for Android, Windows PC & Mac

BitLife – Life Simulator takes you to the virtual world where you choose a lifestyle to live on your own. It is a text-based game where some choices appear at the start of the game, and you select some from them. Your choices shape up your future life.  These are adult choices. Here, you will have an option for one-night stand, threesomes, killing, theft, drugs and many other things. The players can choose to have unprotected relationships with someone and thus, the result is in pregnancy. If you want to make any in-app purchases, it will only remove the ads.

Make Choices in BitLife Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator Features

The game is easy to understand. If you are above 16+ and you are a new player, just read the Privacy Policy of the game to understand the nature of the game and how to play it.

It helps you become a model citizen by selecting good education for you, good carrier, marriage, love, friendship and even other good choices of life. So, you practice becoming a good citizen by playing the game. However, you can make bad choices as well. Every choice affects life, and you move on in the game by these choices. Select your story and discover the future life bit by bit.

The game is for 16+ teenagers who understand the relationships and have knowledge about the real facts of life. So, the privacy policy clearly says that the game is not for below 16 gamers.

BitLife Education

The game is only text-based. All choices appear before you in text form. There are no objectionable visuals of the choices you make. So, you can play it without hesitation. The game is fun, and you can enjoy living a virtual life.

You have the option to choose the things in your life. It is not only to make choices among good behavior, healthy eating habits, moral values, and etiquette, etc. You can also select among the drugs, illegal relationships, crime, theft, killing, and adventurous life, etc. Everything you choose will result according to your choices. So, it takes you to a virtual world where you select your lifestyle.

Play BitLife Year by Year

You learn how to own your decision and how to make decisions wisely. It shows you how your choices can affect your future. For example, if you choose theft, it will finally take you to prison. It gives you a life you want, but with the right consequences.

File Information BitLife – Life Simulator

File String Information
File Name BitLife Life Simulator apk
File Size 33MB
Latest Version v1.9
Operating System Requirements Android 4.0.3 and Above
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install BitLife – Life Simulator apk

You need to click the button at the end of this section “Download for Android” to download the apk file of the game.

It will take about half a minute to complete the downloading process.

Now, tap the downloaded apk file and select “Install” at the bottom of the page. It will start the installation of the game.

Once the installation is over, it shows the option “Open.” Select this option to move ahead.

So, here starts the fun. Enjoy the game and play wisely to add years onto years in your life and live a successful life.

Tips and Tricks & Cheats for Successful Life

Well, usually the people cannot make wise choices to build a successful virtual life. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to live a happy and prosperous life in the game.

In the school age, you need to select “Study Hard,” “Study Harder” options because these options can take you towards the scholarship and you will surely get a good job too. So, this option will give you a bright future.

Limitless Hobbies can make your life busier in healthy activities such as going to the gym and going for a morning walk. So, you need to select a lot of good hobbies every year.

In BitLife, there is no option for you to rent out your property. So, you have two choices to buy or sell a place. So, you need to use the buy/sell option in spite of renting out your home/farmhouse.

Whenever you are feeling ill, go to the doctor immediately. It will add more points to your future and you will be healthy. You need to select “certified doctor” instead of a witch doctor to build a prosperous life.

You need to avoid purchasing lottery. It is the wastage of money and will result in a disastrous life. So don’t choose the lottery in youth or old age.

How to Make More and More Money Tips & Tricks

When you start the game, it seems like a straightforward text-based game where you don’t do something and make decisions. But it isn’t that much easy. It is a kind of labyrinth where you enter, and you face a chaotic situation on every step. Here is how to make more and more money in the game.

Study Hard in the school days to get a better future life is a good choice indeed. If you finish your studies in good grades, it will earn you good job and also scholarships in college/university.

Think about the job title and select a job that benefits you after retirement. If there are some attractive incentives in the current job, neglect them. Just choose a job that gives you help in the future too.

Parental guidance is very much necessary in the game. Ask occasionally to your mother or father to give you some funds. It will be beneficial for you in the future if you save those funds.

How to Download & Install BitLife – Life Simulator for Windows PC/Mac

If you want to play this exciting game on Windows PC/Mac, you need to download an Android Emulator like Nox or Bluestacks, etc. You can download Bluestacks from Here.

Download Bluestacks from here and download in your Windows PC. This Android emulator will let you run all Android games and apps in your Windows PC. It transforms the Windows platform into an Android one.

Once it is launched, download the BitLife –  Life Simulator from the link given above. Download the file in your Windows PC.

When the file is downloaded, go to the Bluestacks, drag and drop the apk file into Bluestacks app drawer. It will show you the apk file there.

Now double-click the file to install it. Wait for a while until the option “Open” appears at the bottom of the page. It will be displayed when the installation process is over, and your game is ready for you.

Click “Open” to launch the game and enjoy playing it.

Follow the same directions if you want to play the game on Mac.


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