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If you are asked which one is the most used social networking app in the South Asian countries? Your answer will be wrong if you are going to tell “WhatsApp,” “Twitter” or “Facebook.” BIGO live does not appear in your mind even for once.

Straightaway, Bigo Live is the social networking app that is used in the South Asian countries on broad scales. This app lets you broadcast your precious moments with your friends live. In brief, you can share the moments of your success and others with your loved ones by using this fantastic social platform. To put it another way, you can show your talent to the world by using this social platform.

BIGO Live app

Salient Features of BIGO Live

Before moving to the Download section, let’s have a look at Bigo Live features to know more about this fantastic app.

To begin with, BIGO Live is available in more than 190 countries in the world. According to the statistical data, more than 200 million users are connected through the BIGO Live around the world.

Firstly, the app allows you to broadcast your special live moments live with your friends with high-quality audio and video. Coupled with it, you get live comments from your friends and the loved ones. It makes your live moments more special while the other people are also viewing you.

More importantly, the app enables you to live talk with your contacts. You can make new friends from 191 countries of the world. You can talk to them to know about them, to know about their culture and heritage. In the hope that it provides you with the best opportunity to be social in the most modern way.

Another key point of the app is the Video Call feature of the app. It ensures a convenient interaction with other people around the world. Moreover, the HD quality video and audio provides exciting video calls without annoying you.

In particular, the app contains “Voice Chat Rooms” for the users who have a craze for an active social life. These chat rooms are free to join for all the users. If you love singing, cutting jokes, telling stories or playing games, go to these chat rooms. Show your talent to the world and get appreciation from other users. Similarly, you can discuss your desired topics with the users whether these are about war, geography, technology or hacking. Do what you want to do. It must be remembered that you should be sophisticated with the people. In sum, be creative and make fruitful discussions to get the maximum output of your social time.

BIGO Live Signup Page

Most compelling evidence of its benefits is the Video Filters feature of the app. If you are a bit conservative in making friends and in receiving videos from other people, use Video Filters. Video Filter feature allows the videos of your favorite genre. Let say! If you have added “Beautician, Flower-making, or Hair-cutting” in the video filters, you will receive the videos with the same topics. You are not receiving bold content as the management respects your freedom and rights.

Above all, a bulk of emoticons is available in the gallery to share with your friends and other users. You can use them to express your feelings with your friends and with the people around the world.

If you want to be in touch with the people from a particular country only, go to the Settings and select the country of your choice. It shows you the list where you can see the countries and Bigo’s availability. Just select the country, and you will see a list of the live people from the said country. Shortly! Enjoy live singing, eating, sharing your thoughts, playing your favorite games and be social every time.

Moreover, there are a lot of virtual gifts you can send your contacts. These gifts include Roses, cars, luxury castles, rings and much more. In the same way, you will find a wide range of stickers to share with your contacts. These stickers come in different categories to share them on different occasions. Let say! sad faces, happy cats, angry puppies and much more.

Explore BIGO Live

Last, but not the least is that, if you are fond of playing online games, BIGO Live is entirely for you. That is, you can play Minecraft, League of Legends, FIFA and many more games with the professional players around the world.

So guys, given these points, it is a beneficial app for every person who wants to be social to show his talent to the world.

File Information

File String Information
File Name BIGO Live
File Size 32.2MB
Latest Version v4.3.0
Developer BIGO Technology PTE Ltd
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install BIGO Live apk

If you are interested in making new friends around the globe, follow the steps given below to download and install BIGO Live apk.

Tap the “Download for Android” option given below to download the BIGO Live apk. The app is also available on the Google Play Store. So, you can also download from there.

Now, click the downloaded apk to start the installation process. It takes a few seconds.

Tap the option “Install” to proceed. It shows you the Terms and Conditions page. Tap “I Agree” to show your consent.

Tap “Open” to launch the app.

It asks for a free sign up. You need to provide with your location to the given place. Type your country name.

On the next page, type the mobile number you want to use for connecting with the people.

You will receive a verification code to your mobile number within half a minute. Type the confirmation code to the given box and move to the next page.

Here, you need to select your gender, username and profile photo. The profile photo is optional.

Once you have gone through this procedure, tap “Next” to go to the Home Page of the app.

Here, you can find a panoramic world from around the globe. Share with the people whatever you like. Enjoy your time in making friends from different countries.

How to Download & Install BIGO Live apk on Windows Laptop

Luckily, this active social community is also available for Windows PC. So, the users of Windows PC can use it too. Follow the instructions below to get it on your Windows PC.

You require Windows 7, 8 and 10 to download this app.

Click the “Download for Windows” button given below.

It takes half a minute in downloading the “.exe” file of Bigo Live as the file size is only 40.4MB. The latest version of the app will start downloading in your PC.

Once it is over, click the downloaded “.exe” file of the app. It asks you to select a language. If you are an English user, don’t touch the language section and move ahead.

Now, click “Next” to move ahead.

Click “I Agree” on the Terms and Conditions page that appears the next.

You require 97.7MB space to save the file. Select a destination where you want to keep the file and click “Install” at the bottom of the page.

It starts extracting the files. Wait for about a couple of minutes until the process of retrieving files completes.

Click “Finish” to close the Setup. The app launches on the screen. Start using it on your PC.


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