Best Windows 10 Photo Editing Apps to Edit your Pictures Seamlessly

It doesn’t matter whether you capture your moments from a Windows phone or a digital camera; there will be a time when photo editor will become handy from your Windows 10 laptop or PC. We are living in a digital Era, where technology has revolutionized dramatically that you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of bucks for producing high-quality images with special effects. This is because we have editing tools, and they can help to fine tune the image or add other effects with simple clicks of the mouse.

Though there are tons of photo editing apps available online, today I will share with you  some hand-picked picture editing apps for Windows 10. These 5 apps have been picked based on user experience and their immense features that entice their users.  Take your time to go through their details, and download one of these apps for your Windows.





FHOTOROOM is one of the most popular Windows 10 photo editor, and it is quite a handy app. You can easily edit your photos, and also share them with rapidly growing communities of photo enthusiasts. This app allows you to fine tune the images. It can easily handle a file of up to 41MP along with full EXIF and GPS metadata. Also, there are pro tools like HDR conversion, tilt shift, Tiny Planets conversion, splash, etc. and much more.

Download Here

2) Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express


As you know, that Adobe Photoshop app is a leading digital app, and undoubtedly it has some unique and outstanding features that let you enhance your images. Moreover, this app is also a lighter option for your mobile devices, especially when you are limited on space, here is a short post to get more space if you have upgraded on Windows 10 recently. This app lets you edit the existing images and store them on Adobe’s Revel cloud storage. Moreover, you can crop, adjust the contrast, exposure, white balance, red-eye correction and tons of other features.

Download Here

3) PhotoFunia



Though this app was launched quite a while ago, a few people are aware of its awesome features. It boasts a cloud-based photo editing tool that utilizes the power of its personal servers, instead of your system and lets you edit the images. Moreover, you can change the background, place your image in more than 300+ templates, contrast, and do many another editing.

Download Here

4) Photo Editor

Photo Editor


Photo Editor is also a great Windows 10 App powered by Aviary. This app is well-known for its speed and perfect results without any blunders. You can adjust the color, contrast, brightness and also add marvelous effects to your images. It also allows you to add fun stickers, crop, rotate, cut, sharpen, blur and perform many other functions at a single place. This is a free to download app for Laptops and Smartphones.

Download Here




FOTOR does all of your editing tasks in a single place with simple clicks. You can adjust the basic exposure, contrast, saturation, temperature, cropping, filter effects, text boxes, borders and many other features. It also supports the RAW file conversions and allows to resize the images.

Download Here


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