Best VNC Server Android Apps to Control Device from PC

Suppose, you are going to a meeting to give an official presentation and unfortunately, you forgot to carry the device containing presentation. Presume, you are out of the country, and you want to access some important files on your home computer. Or let say! You are a teacher, and you want to teach your students by allowing them to connect with your PC at home and learn whatever they want. What do you need here to convert all of the supposed situations into reality is VNC (Virtual Network Computing) app.

For newbies! A VNC app connects your device to the other certain computers to access your desired files remotely. Here, I am going to discuss with you the best VNC apps that can be used on Android devices. Although there are loads of apps in this context, I have selected the best one according to the features. Some of them are paid, and others are free apps, and I have divided them into two categories. Here they are.

Free VNC Server Apps

VNC Viewer


It is designed by RealVNC that has 20 years experience of creating such remote access tools. It has been specifically designed for Android devices, and you can use it to access a large number of computers. If they call it a free app, of course, it is free to use, and there is no hidden cost for using it. You need Android 4.0 or the latest version to run this app.

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VNC Viewer for Android


It is another free VNC Server app for Android devices that lets you access your PC remotely as many times as you require. It preserves the text sent by using it from time to time and surely there is an option to send information without keeping it. Earlier, it was creating an error when you try to install it to SD card. This error no longer exists in its latest version. It is not only available for Android, but also for Windows, Linux and iOS devices.

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Droid VNC server


It is also a free app, but you need to root your Android phone or tablet to use it. It is an open source app, and the latest version has fixed various segfault occurring to it occasionally.

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Remote Desktop Client


It is designed by Google Android platform and works smoothly once connected. Although it is a bit costly as compared to many other paid VNC server apps, it gives you full access to your PC and enables you to see what’s going on there on your PC screen. So, if you are using it, you do not lose the control over the files and documents in your PC even by leaving it. This VNC server app supports Windows 8 and easy to connect. You can customise the screen resolution. You can use a Master password that can secure your stored data. If you want to transfer some necessary data from remote computer to SD card, it works smoothly. Moreover, it supports VNC protocol. Get it in $14.95.

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Servers Ultimate Pro


It is a paid app that can run multiple servers at a time. Usually, it works on all Android devices, and no root is required. You just need to pay $0.99 to $1.99 for each server, and you access more than 60 servers and more than 18 tools to the network. Well! If you are a student, IT specialist or want to perform a penetration test, it is a quite handy app for you.

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  1. You can also use R-HUB remote support servers android app for remotely controlling android devices from PC. Android mobile clients can show a web browser, photos and Dropbox files. In addition, Android 5.x and newer can show the entire screen.

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