Top 3 Siri Alternatives for Android

Siri is very familiar mobile assistant introduced by Apple for its iOS devices. Unluckily, it is not possible to have this assistant on Android device. But luckily, you can do have some cool Siri alternatives on your Android device that will work in an amazing way to assist you in various day to day tasks such as calling your loved ones to wish them on different occasions, to remind you to make a presentation and many other functions.

Siri Alternatives

Best Siri like Virtual Assistant Apps for Android

So, let’s have a bird’s eye view of the best Siri-like assistants available for Android devices. Although there is an extensive list of Siri alternatives, I have selected only three best among them based on their features. These three are as follow.

Assistant It is immensely popular voice assistant that opens apps, sets your desired alarms, and set up calls on your commands. You can disable and enable various functions of your Android phone by using a voice command. Let’s say! You want to enable Wi-Fi, or want to set your phone to silent mode, just command ASSISTANT and it will do it promptly. It can make all general mathematical calculations. You can check the currency rate by one command. It notes down the birthdays, important days and events that you can search later by using it.

If you are feeling bored, it tells you jokes and plays different games to amuse you. You can dictate a message or email and can send it to a specific person by using voice command.

Top Assistant
Top AssistantIt can be considered an Android version of Siri that allows you to access the functions of your phone. If you want to call someone, or you intend to search a contact or wish to read an email, everything is done properly by your virtual “Top Assistant.” This application can be used in almost every Android phone. It can also perform some unusual tasks for you.

Let say! You want to update any document or spreadsheet, or you wish to make some calculations, it will do it as fast as it can. It is available free on Google Play. Just download it and enjoy your virtual assistant.

EVA Free – Voice Assistant
EVA Free AssistantEVA – Voice Assistant has two versions. This one is a free and trial version. It can be downloaded for 28 days. If you are satisfied by its performance, you can download its paid version. You can use its voice command feature for reading messages, emails and magazines, etc. Even that you can dictate your reply to any message or email by using your voice. You can turn on Airplane Mode, Torch, Turn off location, etc. It is integrated with Evernote, Google+ and Tasker.

While surfing the internet, if you want to bookmark any website, just use voice command to do it. If you want to activate it, you do not need to go to the App Home Screen time and again. Just shake your phone and it will be active to serve you. It is compatible with every Bluetooth Headset. If you do not want a female assistant, just select EVAN instead of EVA and get a male assistant at your service.

Guys! There are many other virtual assistants for Android too, but these three are fully compatible with every Android device and have all of the necessary features. That’s why I would recommend you to select from these three. If you want to try any other Siri Alternative, just go ahead and do share your experience with us in the comments box.