Best Reverse Image Search Engines and Apps

When surfing the Internet, many times it happens that you find a very appealing image. It can be an image of anything, for example, a car, a location, hill station, product or even a celebrity. The image makes you curious to discover more about it, who is the owner, similar images, what was the actual birth date of the image? etc. Well, in such a case, “reverse image search engines” come into use.

Best Reverse Image Search Engines

A reverse image search engine helps you out in exploring the details of a picture without the need to put any keyword in your search engine. You simply upload the image or put the live url of picture that you liked, and it displays tons of other similar images. It is though a very beneficial service, yet 70% of the people using Internet are still unaware of it. In simple words, these engines quickly perform a search query based on the image you upload to the database.

Apart from exploring the details or ownership of an image, you can also use this service to know who might be using your copyright images without any credits or permissions. So, if all of this story sounds interesting to you, then here are our top 15 best reverse image search engines that help to know the real ownership of images, its details, and relevant images, also we’ve put apps for Android and Windows devices. Please take your time to go through this exclusive list and choose an engine that suits you the best.

1: Google Image Search

Google Image Search

AH! Google is all about accuracy and speedy results. So far, google has been the leading engine to find pictures. It displays hundreds and thousands of relevant images to you in no time. All you need to do is, visit Google images, click on the tiny camera icon, and finally upload the image or copy paste the URL and hit enter. BOOM! You’ll get a huge list of relevant or images, or if not, the real ownership of the image.

2: Yandex

Yandex Image Search

Although, Yandex images is quite similar to Google Images, however; it is more popular in Russia. Of course, you are free to use its services. Yandex shows you the place where the particular image is being used along with different sizes of the image. However, if the image you uploaded isn’t found anywhere, then you will be displayed with a result of relevant images.

3: TinEye

TinEye Reverse Image Search

TinEye was the first web-based image search website. It was launched back in 2008 and has successfully indexed over 8 billion images. Its search algorithms are very accurate and speedy as well. It lets you search for an image by uploading it or entering the image URL. TinEye also has browser plugins for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera for hassle-free image search.

4: MyPicGuard

credit: Flippa

With MyPicGuard, you can easily find who on the internet is using your images without permission. To start using this reverse image search website, you need to sign up for a free account. This will load your account with 100 free credits to start uploading and searching for images. The rules are quite simple, you search for 1 image at the cost of 1 credit. One thing that wasn’t appealing is that starting with MyPicGuard might seem a bit complex, but not much. Once you sign up, hover to Scan page, expand images and click on Scan Folder. For uploading, the image clicks disk icon and finally browse the image from your system. Once it is uploaded, hit “Click to Scan”.

5: Image Raider

Image Raider

Image Raider has a very simple user-friendly interface. You either specify the image URL or upload it from your computer. Raider is capable of telling you where the image was first uploaded. It also requires you to signup but gives you 300 credits for free to use them. Whenever you search for an image, one credit is deducted from your account.


IQDB simple reverse image engine

IQDB is an excellent place to find the ownership of the image and to get a list of relevant ones. However, it limits you to a maximum size of 8MB, but that is not an issue as most of the images, on average, are of 2MB to 4MB. It supports JPEG, PNG, and GIF images. The platform seems extraordinary simple, but the display results accuracy and speed are outclass.

7: Baidu


Baidu is the most popular and largest search engine in China. The site is entirely in Chinese language, but you can always web translate it. Baidu has also provided the ease of uploading images. There isn’t any complex process of signing up and other fuss. You simply click on the large button on the search bar and upload an image to get the results.

8: Karma Decay

Karma Decay

Karma Decay is an exclusive made for Reddit users. This search engine helps to identify whether not an image was previously published on Reddit. This not only ensures that the image you are about to upload is unique, but also your account doesn’t gets banned due to the violation of their terms. Simply click on the upload button, choose your image and hit enter.

9: RevIMG


RevIMG, although being an old image engine, yet the results are tremendous. It quickly searches for the images using shape, colors, dimensions, etc. You simply upload the image or paste the URL, select the category and search.

10: Search by Image (Chrome Extension)

Search by Image (Chrome Extension)

Search By Image is an extension made for Google Chrome. This extension uses Google images to display the most relevant results from the image uploaded. The benefit here is that when you add this plugin in your Chrome Browser, you will see a small Camera icon at the bottom of each image you see on the web. Simply click on that icon and get the results inside the plugin.

11: Macroglossa


Here you click on “choose File” browse your computer and upload it. Then click on Search Now, and you will get the relevant results in no time.

12: Pictriev


Pictriev is a very simple and effective website in which you can upload an image or just copy paste the image URL and click on Search. Unfortunately, you cannot upload an image that is granted than 200KB.

13: Imgseek (Offline Tool)


So, far Imgseek has been one of the coolest and most advanced reverse image tool for you. With the help of Imgseek, you can easily search for the relevant images just by uploading them to the engine.

Mobile Applications for Reverse Image Search

14: Google Goggles (Android App)

Google Goggles Android

This is a great application in which you can find images just by uploading them. The lucid interface of this application, accuracy, speedy performance, and algorithms make it stand out and one of the best mobile based application you can have.

15: Reverse Image Search (Windows Phone App)

Reverse Image Search (Windows Phone App)

Reverse image search is an advance application for Windows platform. It lets you easily use all of your favorite reverse engines like Google, Bing, TinEye, etc. You simply upload the picture from your device or enter URL and get the results instantly.