Best Panasonic Lumix Cameras

With the arrival of the year 2018, here is a great pick of smart cameras from Panasonic Lumix for the lovers of photography and, no doubt, all of them are great if there is the matter of price and quality. So, let’s have a look what we brought here for you.

Best Panasonic Lumix Cameras

Hand-picked Lumix Cameras

1- Lumix G DMC-GX8 (Compact System Camera)

1 panasonic dmcgx8
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DMC-GX8 with 20.3 Megapixel is indeed a great choice for the people who love to capture their precious moments in videos. Its major attraction is that it can record 4K videos by using the 4K technology of Panasonic. You will be sure, well aware of the 4K technology that enables you to shoot the perfect moment. With Dual Image Stabilizers in the body and lens work together to give you the maximum correct angles for photography and thus, even in very poor light, you are able to get a clearer shot. With a high resolution, i.e. 2,360k-dot, you can easily set display according to your preferences and its great 0.77x magnification makes it convenient for you to see the details of your photos. It has a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity system and you can get this camera in $997.99 from Panasonic store.

2- DMC-FZ1000EB (Digital Still Camera)

2 Panasonic DMC-FZ1000EB
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If you select DMC-FZ1000EB, you would be definitely proud to have the Flagship Digital Still Camera with 4 LED lenses and 16x Optical zoom quality. It gives you Intuitive control by providing 2,359k-dot OLED Live View Finder, optimum design and a wider display where you can find the details of your images. The “Live View Finder” enables you to get a faster speed response. Its 4K video technology makes it different from other similar products from other competitors. Panasonic has used a very rare technology in this camera that is known as Aspherical Lens mould technology. It has been used to give you a smooth and an even focus. You can get it in $949.00 from online stores.

3- DMC-FZ200EB9 (Super Zoom Digital Still Camera)

3 DMC-FZ200EB9
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It comes with the complete range of F2.8 aperture that helps you to capture something in faster movement or at a distance. Its lens has the ability to shorten the flaring because it contains the Nano Surface Coating technology that works for your amazement. You can record videos and shoot pictures by using its strange 24x optical zoom. If you want to capture a distant thing, its Intelligent Resolution technology is here to help you out in it. The full HD video recording 1,920 x 1,080 can be done in MP4 format. You can buy it in only €479.00.

4- DMC-G7 (Compact System Camera)

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If you never want to miss a moment while capturing your best moments, DMC-G7 is absolutely for you. It gives you 30 shots per second. Now 4K technology is in your hands to be a professional photographer and to quench the thirst of photography by using Lumix DMC-G7. The face detection feature with “Intelligent Auto Mode” makes it more convenient for you to use this compact system camera perfectly. AF tracking is what everybody wants to see in his camera to track the scene to capture beautifully. You can get it in $897.99.

5- DMC-GH4 (Compact System Camera)

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Venus Engine, the Image processor used in DMC-GH4 makes it a superb camera for professional photographers to give you an astonishing picture quality. The company aspires for a natural and live image quality. Now you can record professional quality 4K videos by using its 4K Cinema, MOV or MP4 at 100Mbps. There is no limit for recording length of your videos. The best DFD, i.e. Depth from Defocus technology makes it possible to capture a scene within 0.07 second. Its price is $1499.99 in the market.

6- DMC-T270EB-K (Digital Still Camera)

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If you want to do more except capturing images and recording videos, DMC-T270EB-K is surely for you. You can impress others by using its peak quality potential for creating innovative images. Its 24mm LEICA Lens enables you to capture your desired images by having an intimate view. Its LVF function enables you to capture everything in any kind of situation, whether there is poor light or extra brightness. The improved 1,166k-dot resolution makes every scene perfectly visible for you and enables you to do stunning photography. You can use TZ70 technology for recording HD quality videos or MP4 videos accordingly. You can buy it in €449.00.

7- DMC-TZ60EB-K (Digital Still Camera)

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It can be considered the slimmest cameras available in the market with 30x optical zoom. Its LEICA DC lens provides you the best quality picture with stunning and very smooth frame. The feature “Intelligent Zoom” is here if you need an extension in the zoom ratio while capturing your desired image. You can record MP4 and HD videos at 1920 x 1080 megapixels. You can use HOISP technology for accurate and automatic detection of the object you want to capture. It makes no difference whether it’s moving or still. Sometimes the camera tilts and the shot are blurred. This is not the case with this camera. Its Level Shot Function helps you in this context to get a clearer and more stunning image even when by mistake, your camera tilts. You can buy it in only €349.00.

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