Best Must Have Paid Android Apps

A potpourri of tremendous Android apps are up at Google Play.. The top 12 among them have been discussed below. Each app from them bangs for the buck if you grab one for you. Surely, it would be a useful addition to your Android device.

Best Paid Android Apps in 2016

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1. Photo Studio PRO ($4.00)

PhotoStudio Pro

If you want to process your image for astonishing photographs, and you want to be praised by the people as an expert photographer, Photo Studio Pro is for you. You will find more than 150 filters and more than 200 unique effects including water, fire, brush, fabric and many more. You can convert the photo into an artwork by using “Artistic Filters Sketch” feature of this app. The Picframe feature enables you to merge different pictures in one frame and gives you more than 100 unique kinds of frames. You will find numerous backgrounds, corner marks and frames to give a new look to your pic.

2. Travel Safe ($1.00)

Travel Safe

Travel Safe can be considered as a personal safeguard for the people, who use to travel frequently. You can add some personal numbers to use in an emergency condition in its ICE and can use this app for any kind of emergency such as natural disaster, fire, accident, medical or any other bolt from the blue. You are quite safe while traveling because you are just one tap away from your emergency contact numbers by using Travel Safe. It is quite easy to use this fluid and fast app that has 999, 911, 112 emergency numbers around the globe. A quintessential app for you to use in critical and crucial times.

3. Titanium Backup Pro ($6.35)

Titanium Backup Pro

Titanium is an essential to download app for Android devices. It secures your data and sends to the email, you provided or import from the Cloud with one click. It allows you to freeze, restore and even save your important files. It does not only protect the data currently used by your Android device, but also data saved in SDcard. You do not need to close any file to back it up. You can backup an app for multiple times and it can be moved to and from the SDcard and phone memory.

4. IP Cam Viewer Pro (£3.28)

IP Cam Viewer

An awarded safety cam that can be used for numerous purposes. It can be placed outside of your house to protect yourself. It supports wide video and protocol formats such as RTSP and HTTPS, etc. Important features of this webcam include pan tilt zoom, home screen widgets, encryption and matrix view. You can record any video by using its remote control function while you are away from your location. It gives full support to the audio on the background of any video and to the two-way audio.

5. Smart Tools (£2.20)

Smart Tools

The app pack for every Android consists of 6 important apps containing 16 tools in total. Smart Ruler Pro gives you the measurement of Angle, Slope, any level, or the length of anything. Smart Measure Pro provides you with the accurate measurement of any distance, width, height and even the area measurement of any object. To detect the accurate location, you can use Smart Compass Pro in the tools. Sound Meter Pro helps you check the level of any sound and provides you a real vibrometer. Smart Light Pro is here if you need Flashlight sometimes or want to use a magnifier to view something closely. It also contains a mirror to enable you to have a look at yourself while you are out of the home. The Unit Converter gives you access to the conversion of any unit to another one.

6. ROM Manager (£3.99)

ROM Manager

If you opt to perform recovery installation manually, it is your perfect manager. It assists you in managing the ROMs by a very useful and simple interface. You can use it to manage your data, in backup activities and to recover your important data in your Android device.

7. DU Battery Saver Pro (£1.86)

DU Battery Saver

A renowned battery saving app that manages the power of the battery on your Android device. It adds more life to the battery up to 70% and thus, enables you to continue your online activities without getting a low battery sign. With one tap, you can control its features. It blocks all of the power consuming free ads and updates by using its “Auto Clear Apps” function. When your phone is idle, its CPU Frequency function can slow down the process of your Android phone to reduce power consumption, but this is applicable to the rooted Android devices only.

8. Lux Auto Brightness (£2.23)

LuX Auto Bright

Select Lux Auto Brightness that is intelligent enough to select automatically a brighter display of your Android phone or tablet in a dazzling light to enable you to view in a comfortable way. If you are in the dim light, it will automatically darken the display for a softer view. Its Astronomer mode is perfect to save your eyesight from harsh display light. Subzero feature helps you read in night times. You can select its Power-user features including filters and interpolations, etc.

9. MoneyWise Pro (£4.99)

MoneyWise Pro

Can’t control personal expenditures? MoneyWise Pro is here to track every bit of daily expenses. It is a money management app that enables you to build your monthly budget according to the flow of income and to observe it tightly. It also helps you set your standing orders. An easy graphical view of expenses and income can be viewed and scroll down to see them in details. The features it includes Eating out, Grocery for Home and Transportation expenses. You can add miscellaneous expenses by editing them. It is used offline and all currencies are supported. You will also find a currency converter in it. Password protection of data is another additional feature of this renowned app.

10. History Eraser ($15.99)

History Eraser

If you want to erase the history from your Android device, it is perfect for that. It can clear Calls history, browser and text messages traits, Gmail search, market search history and even the YouTube search log. Frequently call numbers appear on your screen that can be deleted completely with the help of History Eraser. It also removes the Clipboard data in your Android phone or tablet.

11. Calibre Companion ($3.99)

Calibre Companion

Calibre Companion is not an E-library. It is the combination of three eBook apps where you can get a wide range of books online. Any book, you want to read on PC, can be transferred from Android to PC by USB cable or WiFi. You can save any book to your Cloud. You can search any book by using its title, year of publication or the name of its author. The books are shown in alphabetical order, but you can change their order by applying “Genre” to view the books according to your taste.

12. Runtastic Pro ($4.99)


Runtastic gives you the perfect facts and figures about your running, hiking or walking activities. If you want to know for how much time you have had running and how much distance you covered. It will give you the full fledged details for your workout. A complete music player is also added to it to make your workouts a pleasant activity. It provides you a 3D view of your running activity. Its “Real Voice Coach” function gives you a vocal feedback after analyzing your workout. All of the required metrics for distance, your speed while performing an activity, calories you burned during it, its duration and the heart rate are provided in it.

Best Paid Android Apps


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