Best Online Mortgage Calculators

A mortgage loan or simply a mortgage refers to such a loan that you want to get to buy the real property. The company or individual, providing you the mortgage, applies a specific percentage of money on it as an interest. When you want to make a larger purchase such as a car or a house, it is the best to calculate the mortgage you required and your affordability.


There is a wide range of online calculators available for the actual calculation of mortgage and the extra payment affecting your mortgage according to the term in years. The term mortgage is basically a time duration within which you are supposed to return the mortgage. Say! You are buying a new house or car, the mortgage term will be about 30 years and for the renovation of your current home, your mortgage term will be 15 years.

We have discussed here top ten online mortgage calculators. You can make a pick for you from the list provided here.

1. Ultimate Mortgage Calculator

Ultimate Mortgage Calculator

The best among all of the listed mortgage calculators is indeed here. You will find here various types of mortgage calculators including the basic calculator for estimation of monthly installment of the mortgage. If you want to make a comparison between two mortgages, the comparison calculator is here. The offset mortgage VS your savings calculator can be found here too. Use according to the requirements.

2. Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator.ORG

If you are looking for a good and a renowned online mortgage calculator, this is the perfect pick for you. You can get an exact estimation of the monthly payment to avoid inconvenience in your future days.

3. Bankrate Mortgage Calculator

Bankrate Mortgage Calculator

Bankrate mortgage calculator helps you estimate the monthly installment and you can easily check how much payment you can easily pay monthly. You just need to add the total mortgage amount and the mortgage term (in years). It will predict the monthly payment you have to pay and even the percentage of interest, you are going to pay while returning the mortgage.

4. CNN Mortgage Calculator

CNN Calculator

CNN mortgage calculator gives you a true estimation of the mortgage payment for every month. You just need to add the estimated value of the thing you are going to purchase.

5. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Karl's Mortgage Calculator

An accurate calculator for estimation of a mortgage payment on a monthly basis indeed. If you want to check the mortgage amount for a property worth 30,000 you have to add the interest rate percentage, starting month and year, and the mortgage terms. It will show you the monthly payment you have to make.



A very good calculator that gives you an expert estimation of what you require paying every month against the actual amount of mortgage. You will find it a good option indeed. Give it a try and you will admire it for sure.

7. U.S. Mortgage Calculator

USMortgage Calculator

The great, but a little bit complicated to use for calculation of not only mortgage payment on a monthly basis, but also the accurate payment of tax and insurance. Try it out for your mortgage rate per month and feel free.

8. Realtor Mortgage Calculator

Realtor Mortgage Calculator

It needs the accurate location of your residence and the price. It will show you the mortgage rate for that piece of land. Isn’t it easy?

9. Mortgage-x Calculator

MortgageX Calculator

It calculates every bit of detail regarding the mortgage monthly installment, easy payoff, and schedule for repayments. It gives you the exact details for extra payment along with the Mortgage installment/month to help you repay the mortgage as soon as you can. There is no complexity in using it and even, it can be used to plan the one-time pre-payments details besides the mortgage loan that influences your financial condition a lot.

10. Mortgage Calculator


It assists you to plan your mortgage in a better way so that, when you get the mortgage, it become easy for you to return it in time without being bothered. It is quite easy and free to use. Furthermore, you can check your affordability by using Mortgage Affordability Calculator. You need to add a little information including the amount you want to get, interest rate and the mortgage term.