Top 10 Google Nexus 6 Cases Reviewed – Buyer’s Guide

To protect your valuable Nexus 6, you need to have a high-quality case which offers protection from shocks, bumps, drops, and scratches. An ideal case not only provides protection to your phone but also gives a sturdy grip and provides an in vogue, refreshing, and, stylish look to your device and doing all this without adding extra junk to your phone. Nexus 6 is not an ordinary phone, it a costly and cherished possession and you do not want it to get broken or wasted away, to avoid such an unfortunate event, you need best possible protection.

Currently, there are hundreds of cases available for Nexus 6 phone, selecting the appropriate case as per your needs and with an adequate amount of protection is a formidable challenge. Apart from reviewing the best ten Nexus cases, we will also provide you with an overview of some critical features that you need to consider before buying a case.

Top 10 Nexus 6 cases

SUPCASE Nexus 6 Case

SUPCASE Nexus 6 Case

At top of the list is Supcase, simply the best and most stylish and yet elegant case for your Nexus 6 Device. Available in 3 different amazing colors, this case has precise and perfect cut-outs for accessing all the feature of the phone like camera, charging port, headphone jack, control buttons, and hence increase the functionality of your device.

The sporty design case is an easy to fit case with an outer shell made of hard polycarbonate material and soft internal side made of high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Both of these features provide extreme protection from events of accidental drop and scratches.

The dimensions and weight of this case are the finest as compared to other cases and do not add extra weight to your phone and you can easily keep it in the pocket. The slight bumps at the back provide a solid grip while holding the phone and thus reduce chances of slips.

The raised bevel provides additional screen protection from scratches and the screen protector can be easily applied. The outer shell of the case has a glossy finish which increases the aesthetic value of your case.


  • Q: How good is the functionality of side buttons?
  • A: The functionality of side buttons is excellent. They are soft, responsive and dedicated in order to increase the functionality of each control button.
  • Q: What is the thickness of this case?
  • A: The case is around 1 millimeter thick and does not increase the size of your phone, retaining the curved look of Nexus 6.
  • Q: Once fitted, will this case come off easily while sliding inside or outside of the pocket?
  • A: No, the case covers all the corners of the phone and does not come off while it is in regular use.
  • The cut-outs are large enough that you can easily fit in a headphone jack of big size and the charging cable is plugged in easily.
  • It won’t stick to the inside of the pockets, unlike other Nexus 6 cases.
  • The case is designed in such a way that it has ample space for the majority of the screen protectors to be applied.
  • This case has a high durability; the back will not get scratched, the rubber components of the case will not tear off and the colors will not faint.
  • All the remarkable features of this case have generated thousands of positive reviews and at present no drawbacks or issues have been reported in this case.

Spigen Nexus 6 Case

Spigen Nexus 6 Case

Having a black colored back cover and four different color options in the outer frame encircling the phone dimensions, this case offers shock protection and accurate openings for all the features of the phone.

Spigen is made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate for drop and scratch protection. The frame of this case is made from UV coated hard polycarbonate and cover is made from polymer-coated soft TPU material.

The metalized polycarbonate control buttons provide a trendy look and add to the functionality of the phone. The dimensions of the phone do not impact the outlook of your phone.

The case provides flawless protection to your phone in case it drops while using and the hard edges of the case keep your device’s corners safe from scratches.

  • This case has a logo cut-out; it adds to the originality of your Nexus 6.
  • The case keeps the phone slim and does not increase the weight of the phone.
  • It supports wireless charging.
  • Users report that the frame of the case breaks after 6-8 months.

Ringke Nexus 6 Case

Ringke Nexus 6 Case

Having a transparent back to showcase the original look of your Nexus, it has a variant model with fusion-mint color which gives your phone a pleasant look.

The bumper of this phone has spaces for to access all the features of the phone and has additional dust-caps attached on each opening prevents the phone from minute dust particles.

The bumper is made from TPU and the soft flexible edges cover the four corners of the phone and protect them from scratches. The edges are raised in order to keep your phone’s screen when it is placed face-down. Dimensions of the case are perfectly adjustable with the phone and optimal weight of the case does not make your phone look oversized or overweight.

The free DIY template included provides the users to customize their phone as per their own choice.

  • It comes with a free screen protector.
  • The buttons of this case are well-designed and do not hinder the functionality of your phone.
  • The case provides very good protection to your device, even from the height of 6-8 feet.
  • The attached dust-caps are not very durable; they break after it is used for some time.
  • The rubber edges can occasionally come off while sliding the phone inside/outside of the phone.

i-Blason Nexus 6 Case

i-Blason Nexus 6 Case

The case from i-Blason offers protection from drops and scratches through its polycarbonate hard shell with a soft TPU inner core.

This model offers a front protective cover for your phone with a built-in screen protector. With 4 extra cushions to keep your phone safe from bumps and drops, this is quite a feasible option to protect your Nexus 6.

The nicely cut openings for headphone jack, charging cable, camera, and speakers augment the functionality of your device. The hole for battery charging cable comes with a dust protector. The pattern on the back cover of the phone provides a nice firm grip for the users.

  • The dotted pattern layout offers enhanced protection from shocks and bumps.
  • The case is heat resistant and keeps the phone safe from direct sunlight.
  • The material quality is good and the color does not fade away.
  • This case does not transfer the vibration properly.
  • The case is thick and increases the weight of your phone.

Cruzerlite Nexus 6 Case

Cruzerlite Nexus 6 Case

The gel case from Cruzerlite, made from shock absorbent and scratch-resistant, provides considerable protection to keep your phone safe from drops, bumps, shocks, and scratches. The case is smart and stylish and is an easy to fit option.

The front lips of the case raise a phone little so that it remains safe while it is kept face down. The cut-outs meant to give access to ports and control buttons increase the user functionality of the device.

This case comes in a variety of colors, giving users the option to select the color as per their need. The dimensions and weight of the case are feasible.

  • All the color variants are at the same price.
  • The case fits nice with a screen protector.
  • The cut-outs for the headphone jack, charging cable are precise.
  • This case does not have a gripping design.
  • The case does not protect the sides of the phone very well.
  • The control button area is flimsy and hinders the proper functioning of the phone.

Style4U Nexus 6 Wallet Case

Style4U Nexus 6 Wallet Case

Next up is the wallet-style case for Nexus 6, made of leather this case has pockets to keep cash and cards. The installation is easy and the cover closes with the help of magnetic lock keeping your phone and other content safe.

The silicon frame, where the phone is placed has openings for headphone jacks and charging cable, while the outer leather cover has a cut-out for the camera.

The leather case is designed in such a way that it can be folded to behave like a stand. While the dimension of the case is not that awkward, the pocket for cash and card slots make the case heavier. The case comes with a stylus and a screen protector and has two color variants.

  • Apart from being used as a case, this case can be treated as a wallet.
  • The quality of leather being used by the makers is very good.
  • The magnetic button on the flap of the case can erase the data on credit cards.
  • The edges of the case extend beyond the edges of the phone, so it makes difficult to use power and volume buttons while the case is on.
  • This case does not provide solid protection like other cases from shocks and bumps.

Poetic Nexus 6 Case

Poetic Nexus 6 Case

The case from Poetic is designed to offer your phone is composed of a frosted transparent back shell and a TPU bumper with extended edges.

The transparent back while providing a clear view of the original back if your phone saves it from scratches, while the bumper with extended corners provides protection in case of drops.

The bumper has designated buttons for volume and power buttons and cut-outs for charger and camera.

The case offers enhanced grip to users and fingers can be adjusted easily over the design. The raised lip on the front side of the screen offers protection when the phone is kept face down.

  • The case has good aesthetic value.
  • The case is made of a good quality material, the back side of the case does not scratch easily.
  • The phone does not fit in perfectly.
  • The case is weighty and makes the phone look fat.
  • The dedicated control buttons are too easily pressed.

PLESON Nexus 6 Case

PLESON Nexus 6 Case

The transparent case form Pleson showcases the genuine look of your phone.

The back of this case has an anti-fingerprint dotted finish which provides a nice grip on the phone while using.

Made from TPU and silicone, this case provides protection to your phone against only minor drops and shocks. There are cut-outs for the manufacturer’s monogram, camera, headphones and charging cable.

The separate control buttons allow the users to access the control features of their phone. The case is to install and take off.

  • The dotted finish is a plus in this case and provides a good grip for the users.
  • This case is an easy to install model.
  • The control buttons are very stiff, users’ report that they have to really press them hard to make them work.
  • Despite the manufacture’s claim of anti-fingerprint dotted pattern, the back shows fingerprints.
  • The clear plastic starts to look dirty very soon.

Toiko Nexus 6 Case

Toiko Nexus 6 Case

The Toiko full-body protective case comes in two colors. The inner side is made of the silicone material and the outer side is built using the hard PC material.

There are cut-outs to access all the features of the phone and chrome plated buttons to help you use the control buttons of the phone. The raised edges on the front side prevent the screen from being scratched.

The rigid texture on the outer side of the cover is meant to provide grip while using. The dimensions of the case are in accordance with the phone size and do not add extra junk to your device.

  • The case has rugged sides, which provide good grip.
  • The space for charging cable is not accurate. The charging cable keeps on popping out.
  • Users report that the case gets cracked and is not durable.
  • You need to get the case off in order to access the power button.

Xcessor Nexus 6 Case

Xcessor Nexus 6 Case

The case from Xcessor makes to the last of our list, made from soft and flexible TPU material.

This case has a number of color options and comes in two shades as well. The outlook of the phone is glossy and adds to the aesthetic value of the case.

The case is 1 millimeter thick and the weight of the case is reasonable.

  • It comes in two-tone colors which give a pleasant look to your phone.
  • The phone does not offer any protection in case of fall.
  • Users report that the color starts to fade away after use of 1-2 months.
  • The case catches the fingerprint and looks very dirty while in use.
  • The openings and control buttons are not properly designed and hinder the functionality of the phone.
  • The case loses its shape after 2-3 months.

Tips for selecting the best case for your Nexus 6

  • Protection – make sure that the case has a tough outer shell and is able to protect your gadget in case it falls while in use.
  • Compatibility – the case should fit well with your device and have proper cut-outs for control buttons, camera, charging cable and headphone jack.
  • Grip – the grip of your case should be perfect so that your device will not fall from your hand.
  • Material – Always consider the quality of material which is the case is made of, as almost all cases are made of plastic, so make sure that the plastic is of high quality.


It is of high importance to protect your phone. No one wants their phone to be shattered and scratched in case it falls from an elevated position or slips from the hand while using. Provide your Nexus with the ultimate protection it needs, buy a case from our well-researched review.


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