Best iPhone Launchers for Android

If you want to experience iOS on your Android phone, you should select a real iPhone launcher for this purpose. Numerous iPhone launchers are available for it, but you need to pick the best one that provides you with the essential features. Here, I am going to discuss the best iPhone launchers for Android, and indeed I have selected the best ones to give you the desired feature-rich iPhone experience. There are some paid launchers too, but I have selected all of the free iPhone launchers with best characteristics. Here they are.

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Top 6 iPhone Launchers for Android

OS9 Launcher


Experience the real OS9 by downloading this cool launcher. You can easily customise the home screens and its icons, the size of the icons, sliding effects and a lot more features. It is a very stylish app that allows you to move faster from one screen to the other. Its “Quick Touch” feature makes the customization easier with one touch. “Hide App” provides full protection for your privacy. You can hide any app from unauthorised access. It does not allow anyone to operate the desired apps.

“OS Search” enables you to search any app, message or contact number from the list. You can use this useful feature for searching something online too. Its feature “OS Booster” removes the unnecessary data to make your memory clear and to boost the speed of your Android phone. “OS Market” provides you with a complete range of the most wanted apps and games around the world.

You can select and download your desired apps/games from here. So, get an incredible transformation from Android to iPhone by using this app.



It gives you the coolest flat-style user interface. It gives you the best combination of a Home screen, Notification page, contact section and a dialer. It does not display any ads to annoy you. Its Home screen contains dynamic icons with colourful titles and maximum eight screens for different widgets.

Customize the number of widgets, number of widget screens, their icons and icon sizes as you prefer. “Hide/Lock” feature enables you to hide any icon from the prying eyes. You have the option to lock the icons by applying a password to it. “Design icon” feature gives you the option to be a designer.

You can design the icon of a particular category or all categories. You can use Camera app without unlocking the device. Notification reminders (up to 3) can be selected to display on the lock screen.

One Launcher


It gives a breathtaking iPhone interface to your simple Android phone. You will find it quite the user-friendly app. It does not use the memory resources and provides you with a highly-optimized Home Screen.

A wide range of themes is available. Cool widgets with significant effects are here waiting for your single touch. You will find it very lightweight and straightforward to use. It provides you with an uncluttered and simple interface with great options.

iLauncher – OS9


It is a very powerful launcher for Android devices. It does not lessen the speed of operation. It is compatible with all Android devices with Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or the latest OS. It does not contain any app drawer. So, you can keep all of the apps on the Home screen and thus, all of your desired apps are in front of you.

You can delete and arrange the apps with one tap. Its “Gestures” option enables you to set gestures on swiping up or down or other actions related to the Home button. You can customize its themes, scrolling speed, the grid on the Home screen, the search bar and folders quickly.

i10 OS Launcher


It is a very cool option for the Android users who are quite fed of using the same old user interface. It has a lot of smart features. It is quite lightweight and very smooth in operation. The “Quick Touch” feature makes it convenient for you to use the app with one touch without opening it from Home screen. So, you can save your time by using it.

It’s “Hide App” works in the same way as does in OS9 Launcher. If you want to protect certain apps from the access of others, just use this feature, and your apps will be safe and secure. “OS Booster” is here to remove the unnecessary apps and data so that your phone runs smooth and faster.

“OS Market” gives you the top ranking apps and the hottest games to kill your boredom. Just touch and get latest apps around the globe.

xOS Launcher


By selecting it, you can experience os9 style. It gives you all to all a unique kind of interface. If you believe in Simple is more attractive, you would surely prefer it. You will enjoy a super speed and very smooth operation. It allows you to apply ten handset themes.

It is quite lightweight to use, and the home screen is easily customizable. Different effects and cool widgets can’t be ignored. You can quickly delete or move any app to another home screen.

So, guys! Now you have a choice and the list of 6 Best iPhone Launchers for Android. Pick the best that suits your needs and give a cool and smart disguise to your Android with iPhone.