Top Ten Websites to Test Internet Speed

Every ISP boasts a number of claims that they provide the best downloading and uploading speed. You have a blind faith in their claims and you never try to check which speed your internet connection has. Ever you tried to testify the speed they boast of? Surely not. This is a common instinct and you would never check it before you experience a slower speed of your DSL or WiFi connection.

If it is so, you can benchmark the speed of your internet connection by using an online website because an Internet Speed test can accurately let you know the bandwidth you are using just now. Here, you will find top ten online sites, you can visit to have broadband speed test to check the accurate speed of your internet.

So, let’s start reviewing them one followed by the other.

1. Charter Communications

Charter Communications

It is the most authentic online Internet speed evaluation tool that is recommended and presented by Charter. As you know that Charter is a great Internet service provider in the U.S. Its service is absolutely free and necessarily, it is not for Charter clients only. It is for everyone.

2. SpeedOf.Me


SpeedOf.Me is based on HTML5 that has been created to evaluate the actual speed of web browsing. If you want to use it, you need to stop all of the remaining internet activities in your system. After that, just run a test to check the actual speed of your internet. Now you would be able to evaluate whether your Internet service provider’s claim was true or mere delusive. What you need to do is to click the option “Test” at the bottom of the Homepage. It will start the evaluation and within half a minute the facts will appear on your screen.


A comprehensive web source to provide you with a good evaluation of your internet speed. It is based on a number of tests with some files where dissimilar connections are applied and thus, a complete evaluation report appears on the screen. It also shows you a detailed graph of the internet connection you are using. Indeed, a great and top-ranking web resource to benchmark the speed of net browsing or downloading anything.

4. does not only check the speed of downloading or browsing but also compares different users’ internet speed tests. It is based on a flash applet. But, when you go through the test, you will realize that it is quite lightweight and works very well. It diagnoses the actual speed of your internet quite fast. It provides you free service and absolutely satisfactory one.


Bandwidth Place

Bandwidthplace is based upon HTML5 and you can run it on your PC, tablet, and even a mobile phone. It shows good performance on Windows PC and Windows phones. You see! Lightweight enough to be launched on any kind of device. You can visit the site if you want a faster and accurate internet speed test for Windows. So, move on to evaluate it.

6. Ping Test


Although, it is not the best among all of the online tests for internet speed evaluation, but it is indeed a very good one due to its flash-based structure and appealing background. It is quite simple to use. When you visit the site, you will see the tool on Homepage where you just need to push a button “Start Test” and that’s all. Remaining things will be done by it. Within half a minute, the results will be displayed.

7. Speedtest.GCI


A good rate of accuracy provided by this online test will surely convince you for using it time and again. It is a great tool and the results are provided in no time.

8. Speedtest MidContinent


The detailed benchmark of your internet downloading and uploading speed with firewall testing can be performed by this speed testing software quite easily. There is nothing to do except a click on the button “Start Test” and the rest of the tasks are done by the software.

9. XFINITY Speed Test


XFINITY Speed Test gives you a good rate of accuracy of the speed test results. A user-friendly tool with a simple interface.

10. SPEAKEASY Speed Test


An online tool with a very simple interface to give you an authentic information regarding the speed of your internet.