Top 7 Brands to Buy Earbuds

Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of thousands of different types of earbuds in the market, each one claiming to be the best. Not to mention that there are millions of people all over the world who are looking for a new pair of earbuds every now and then.

The concept of headphones started back in 1880s, when the first ever earphones were invented. Over the years, it has evolved into various shapes and the modern ones we have today are small enough and barely noticeable. Moreover, there are hundreds of brands selling them which can make it daunting for you to stick to one.

So, here are top 7 Brands to buy earbuds that stand out in features and performance and come at a very affordable price.


Best Earbuds Brands

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1: Audio-Technica

They offer professional grade music accessories and their earbuds are simply amazing. Audio-Technica started back in 1962 as a small company selling DJ and studio headphones. You’ll be addicted to their earbuds craving you to keep on listening to more.

They have received countless industry awards as well and their accessories are popular for their comfort, durability, style and quality. Their products are loaded with tons of positive reviews from different customers all around the globe.

They guarantee to entertain you with an amazing sound quality and an unbeatable price tag that you can’t resist.

2: Bose

A brand that needs no introduction. Though they are pretty expensive and often makes you think twice before investing; whatsoever, their earbuds are always worth the high price paid for. The sound quality is exceptional and their earbuds are durable.

Bose has worked on making the cord tangle-free and is loved by music enthusiast all around the world. Just like Audio-Technica, you’ll hardly find any customer who is not satisfied with their earbud’s performance.

3: V-Moda

Although they start a bit late but offering top-notch quality has made them popular. V-Moda is a California based company and was developed by a professional DJ and producer Val Kolton who was the first to develop fashion headphone.

In 2006, they launched 33,000 pairs of high-quality headphones that came in 11 different and exotic colors. They also collaborated with Apple in 2007 and became the first third-party headphone manufacturer for Apple and in 2010, they introduced V-MODA’s M Series for the music enthusiast.

The brand has achieved great milestones over these years and are headed towards the pinnacle of their success.

4: Monster Inc.

Monster Inc. is a popular brand founded by Noel Lee. They began their business selling audio and video cables and now they are a household name. In 2008, Dr. Dre launched the first series of Beats in collaboration with Monster Inc.

There were many critics that their products were overpriced but over the time, people started to love their superior quality headphones and audio accessories that were beyond fashionable and offered extra comfort.

5: JBL

JBL is simply amazing! They offer some of the most affordable earphones without compromising on the quality. Their earbuds come in different price ranges and have an incredible sound-quality with a great design that grabs anyone’s attention in the very first sight.

6: Sony

Sony is quite a large brand that has been around for several years and is popular for manufacturing electronics. Other than just home appliances, they launched Sony products that were slightly expensive but excellent, sturdy and high-quality. Most of their earphones are amazing and unrivaled.

7: Ultrasone

Last but not the least is Ultrasone founded in Germany and has been in operation for more than two decades. Though they manufacture several different audio accessories but their earphones have gained massive support and love from music lovers and professionals around the globe.

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