Top 5 Best Discord BOTS for Moderation, Gamers & Music

Discord is immensely popular among the gamers from all over the world. They use this virtual platform to the community with each other.  The gamers share their scores and gameplay with each other on Discord. If you want to run your own server, you can create a login on Discord. The first thing you need to customize your server. It is a time-seeking task and maybe you do not get sufficient time from your busy schedule.

In such a situation, there is another way out that is to add a BOT to it. BOT is your virtual assistant that enhances the functionality of your Discord server. It is software that works automatically according to a set of instructions and manages your server. Well, if you also want to increase the output of your server, here are the top ten BOTS you can use on Discord. Select the one that suits your server requirements.


Best Discord BOTS

1. MEE6

Mee6 for Discord

It is immensely popular due to its stunning functions. MEE6 creates custom commands easily. It allows you to control the commands you have ever dreamed of. You can create such commands that could generate new roles. Furthermore, if you want to remove some particular roles from the game, it can also create commands for it. It sends a message to DM or in the current channel.

You can use it to display automated Welcome Message for the new visitors. It also informs them regarding the server rules and regulations, the main topic and the current events.

MEE6 assigns the players their desired roles once they have created a signup for the game. When the players reach to a particular level, MEE6 automatically upgrade their roles.

On the virtual platform of the internet, there must be harmful ads, spam and excessive emojis that could create annoying situations for the players. To protect your server from all these trolls, MEE6 remains active all the time.

The players and the members of your server get Discord, YouTube and Twitch alert automatically. When their favorite streamer is uploaded or a new video is published, MEE6 fetches its update and posts to all members on your servers.

Besides the above-given tasks, it does a lot to enhance the functionality of your server.

2. Dank Memer

Dank Memer for Discord

Dank Memer is your personal assistant and does a great job according to a pre-set automated program. It creates your desired custom commands. It contains more than 100 meme commands for the players. Most of them allow you to create your own memes. To create interesting and fun memes, you can visit the command page of this BOT and see what it can do for you in no time.

Dank Memer allows all the players to use its free music to their servers. You can create custom playlists by using it. It supports Spotify.

Even more, Dank Memer refreshes the moderation system without knowing its deep structure. It creates for you all the moderation commands from “Bans” to “Mutes” and “Mass Nicknames” etc.

Another great feature Dank Memer brings for the server holders is currency feature. This free BOT brings fun currency for the users. It brings unique and funny items, steals, gambling, and much more to make your server spicier.

3. Tatsumaki BOT

Tatsumaki for Discord

Another immensely popular Discord BOT is Tatsumaki. It is highly useful and capable BOT for Discord. You will see a wide range of online game streamers speaking in favor of Tatsumaki. It brings tons of moderation commands for your server. Tatsumaki sets and displays an automatic welcome message for new members and shows update notifications and warnings. It searches your desired content from the web and keeps your data updated in Discord.

The most important feature of Tatsumaki is its incentive system. It automatically assigns them XPs and new levels while they are playing the game on your server. When you are online, it automatically displays your presence with a pleasing card. It is an absolutely free BOT to use on Discord and some other platforms. It allows you to customize your appearance on present cards, but you need to spend real money to do so.

4. DYNO Bot

Dyno for Discord

Dyno works incredibly faster to provide you with the moderation commands. You can use it for anti-spam, auto-moderation, and configuration of moderation timed mutes and much more functions.

It creates hundreds of custom commands for your server. You can use it for status, reminders, notifications and welcome messages, etc.

It is fully customizable BOT you can use for a Discord server. Dyno comes with a very simple and upgraded web dashboard. The web dashboard is configurable. It is very easy for you to disable, enable and configure anything in the BOT. You don’t need to perform even a single task in the presence of Dyno BOT. It manages everything automatically.

Dyno is also used as a Discord music BOT. It automatically creates playlists, DJ roles and upgrades your music files.

5. Rythmbot

Rythm BOT for Discord

Rythmbot comes with loads of amazing features. As the name suggests, it is a Music BOT that is used for Discord servers.

The main focus of Rythmbot is to deliver the stunning music experience to the members of your server. It contains a variety of features to provide the continuous music without lags in better quality.

Rythmbot is regularly updated. This dedicated BOT is easy to use. The web dashboard is very simple and intuitive to use. It automatically connects with different music channels and sources and delivers the high-quality music on demand.

Rythmbot can create non-extensive commands according to your directions. It creates the playlists and organizes them by automatically adding your desired songs to them.

The feature “Server Prefix” of Rythmbot automatically changes the prefix from “!” in any of your desired characters.

It automatically displays the lyrics of any song that is currently being played on your server.

In short, there are lots of Discord Bots you can use to enhance the functionality of your server. I have mentioned only a few best ones to let you know their importance. Select your desired BOT and enjoy a mess-free functioning on your Discord Server.



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