Best Backup Cameras with Night Vision Technology for Automobiles

Technology has improved our lives in many ways; it has completely revolutionized the way we drive. The introduction of backup cameras has made driving safer than before, it’s a remarkable revolution in the domain of automobiles.

The backup camera is a small camera usually located just above the license plate or number plate on the backside of the vehicle and it represents an image of the scenes behind the vehicle on the central display of the dashboard or the rearview mirror of the vehicle. It usually uses a wide-angle lens that projects everything on the screen and you can easily view what is happening behind the vehicle.

Some backup cameras are also equipped with a detection system that helps in determining the position of objects behind the car and green and red lines indicate the safe distance with objects behind the car. New rules and regulations are now deeming the backup cameras as mandatory to be installed in every vehicle, either new or old.

For the ease of our readers, we are reviewing the top ten backup cameras available on the market, so you can choose the best ones and make driving easy and safe for yourself.

Top 10 Rear View Backup Cameras with Night Vision

1. Vehicle Backup Camera, Esky Rear-View CameraVehicle Backup Camera, Esky Rear-View Camera

With 7 infrared LED lights, this masterpiece from Esky makes to the top of our list. A viewing angle of 135 degrees that fulfills all the demands of the driver while backing up the vehicle and presents a high image quality with high resolution such as 628×586 pixels/510×496 pixels and a lens angle of 170 degree makes this backup camera the best in the market. This technological marvel gives the image with a resolution just like a high definition image with 420 TV lines.

Another remarkable aspect is that this camera is waterproof, so you really don’t need to worry about the uncertainty of weather while driving.This rear view camera from Esky uses a 1/4 Inch Color CMOS as image device and NTSC TV system. The power supply for this camera is DC 12V.

The most amazing feature of this camera is the easy installation set-up for this in your vehicle. You can mount the camera on the license plate of the vehicle, back window or any other suitable area.

Connect the power wires that are red and black in color to the power system of the vehicle and yellow wire to the display system in the dashboard of the vehicle. Now you can adjust the position of the camera for rear view clarity and as per your ease.


  • Q: The description says it is waterproof. Is it this true?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: How long are the cables?
  • A: The Cables are long enough to meet the requirement of almost all cars.
  • Q: Can the camera be rotated?
  • A: Yes, the camera can be rotated and broadcasting can be adjusted.
  • It comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 12-month replacement warranty by the manufacturer.
  • The support staff of Esky provides a lifetime support guarantee.
  • The wires are 19 feet long and they cover almost all cars and if you have to extend the wires to cover trailers and long vehicles, the signal quality remains same.
  • So far, no drawbacks or flaws have been reported by the users.

2. Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Rear View Safety Backup Camera System

The most remarkable feature of this product is the infra-red lights. 18 infra-red lights have been installed which allow the driver to see up to 50 feet even in the darkest of nights. The camera has a bracket of 3.25 H x 3 L x 1.5 D inches and a monitor of 5.25 H x 7 L x 1 D inch.

The monitor to be fixed on the dashboard is 7-inch digital thin-film-transistor liquid crystal display that ensures a high-quality image and it comes with a universal mount. The package includes a cable and all components that are required for installation.

This is a commercial grade camera system for the rear view but can also be used for sedans and SUVs.  It is a waterproof system and presents a super sharp image with a resolution of 800 X 480 pixels. The camera has a 130 degree which provides a complete view from behind.

  • It has an auto-dimming system which adjusts the monitor brightness as per the ambient light. This means that the camera will present a bright display during the day and dim during the night.
  • It includes a built-in mic, which also gives aural information as well.
  • This system can manage up to three cameras.
  • Users have reported that the claim of 50 feet visibility is not true.

3. XO Vision HTC35 high definition Universal Weatherproof Rear View Backup Camera

XO Vision HTC35 high definition Universal Weatherproof Rear View Backup CameraThe XO vision HTC35 ensures peace of mind while driving your car backward. This camera has a 170-degree viewing angle and provides a wide angle visibility so that the driver can find what is behind his vehicle. It contains 9 LED lights that light up the area behind your vehicle and provide a clear image to avoid blind spots and dead ends.

The design of this camera is built to stand strong and harsh weathers. It is snow proof and waterproof. It operates in temperatures as low as -4°F and as high as 176°F. This unit comes with a built navigation system and easy to install.

  • It is compatible with any compatible in-dash DVD player.
  • The package includes the angles spacers for the camera so that the view
    can be adjusted.
  • The manufacturers offer a repair and replacement warranty on new or reconditioned products.
  • The infra-red lights are not up to mark. A faint red glow comes out from them.
  • The distance bars are not to scale.

4. CAR ROVER Wireless Backup Rear View Camera Monitor Kit

Car rover’s camera for backup vision is a wireless system and is ideal for truck, van, caravan, and trailers. However, it can also be used for sedans and SUVs. The system is composed of a 7 inch TFT LCD monitor, a wireless heavy duty night vision camera and wireless units. This camera provides a clear image of what’s happening be

CAR ROVER Wireless Backup Rear View Camera Monitor Kit

hind the vehicle. The camera contains HD design to broadcast high-quality images on the monitor. The resolution is 800 TV lines and it supports NTSC TV system. A viewing angle of 140 degrees makes it possible to keep the unchecked and blind spots under your eyes by looking at the high-quality monitor screen.

The camera is waterproof and you don’t need to worry about the rain and snow. Furthermore, the LEDs installed to enhance the image quality are also waterproof. The camera is shockproof, which means that it can absorb slight shocks and bumps. There is a facility for audio transmission as well and the camera resolution is 928 X 500 pixels.

  • Since the unit is wireless, there is no hassle of wires.
  • It offers a high-resolution camera.
  • It is ideal for vans, trucks, caravans, and trailers.
  • The makers of this product offer 30 days money back guarantee, 12-month replacement warranty, and a lifetime support guarantee.
  • The backup lines are set by default so they cannot be removed and hence camera can only be used for backup purposes and not sideways.
  • Video quality gets a little low during cold weathers.
  • Customer service is not up to mark.

5. Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Next in the list is the wireless rear camera by Yada Digital. This comes with a 4.3 inch LCD monitor which has a good quality and presents clear images from the backside of the car. The LCD monitor comes with a suction cup that helps in mounting the LCD screen. This camera uses wireless technology to transmit images to the monitor screen.

Yada Digital Wireless Backup Camera

The camera is waterproof and comes with the IP67 rating. This camera is an easy add-on. The camera is attached to the rear license plate and the 4.3 inch TFT monitor is hooked to the windshield via the suction cup, which comes with the package.

The monitor’s screen is powered using a plug that is inserted into the cigarette lighter. The package contains the installation guide and can be installed without any hassle.

  • Easy installation, the driver can install this camera all by himself.
  • It comes with an on/off button so there are no chances to drain the battery when it is plugged into the cigarette lighter.
  • Low-light and night time performance is reported to be of good quality.
  • It takes time for the display to show when the car is put in the reverse
  • There are jerks in the video transmission.

6. eRapta 2nd Generation Car Rear View Reversing Backup Camera

eRapta upgraded its backup camera to present a 2nd generation product. This product contains some upgrades in the design and technology as compared to 1st generation products. The camera in this kit takes 12-24 V Dc power and has a great compatibility with a number of cars.  2nd Generation Car Rear View Reversing Backup Camera

The camera has a viewing angle of 149 degrees which is perfect for cars. The lens of this camera is made to stand extreme temperatures such as extreme heat and snow. It is also waterproof.

For the night vision, the camera is aided with 7 LED lights to brighten up the image.  The images produced by the camera are of high quality and super sharp which enhance the accuracy while parking. The camera produces assist guidelines which help in reversing the car.

  • This product comes with a 2-year factory warranty and brand new replacement of the product within 24 hours, in case there is a defect when the product is received or purchased. The manufacturer is also offering lifetime support guarantee with a 24-hours customer service.
  • Users have reported some issues with colors of the image presented on the monitor.

7. NOAUKA Waterproof IP68 Night Vision 170 Degree Car Rear view Camera

NOAUKA Waterproof IP68 Night Vision 170 Degree Car Rearview Camera

Noauka’s rear view camera with night vision comes in solid metal housing design. It is built to withstand all the types of weather and is completely shockproof, waterproof and is made up of high-quality material that can withstand harshest of weathers. The camera is easy to install, small in size and can be used in different variations of vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, mini trucks, and pickups.

The camera has a viewing angle of 170 degree which uncovers all the blind spots and makes parking and reversing easy for you. The image presented is of 420 TV lines with pixels of 720 X 540.

  • This camera can also be used easily for rear view, front view and side view as well.
  • The viewing angle of 170 degrees is a huge plus when compared to other cameras in the same price range.
  • It does not have Infra-red LEDs.
  • They do not offer any satisfactory guarantee or customer support system.
  • The picture gets blurry when the brake lights are on.

8. Chuanganzhuo 4.3″ Car Vehicle Rearview Mirror Monitor

Chuanganzhuo 4.3" Car Vehicle Rearview Mirror Monitor

This camera has an interesting feature. It offers an alternative for setting up the backup camera monitor. The monitor of the camera can be attached to the interior mirror used to see back.

The kit comprises a monitor kit, backup camera, and wires. The camera is aided with 7 Led lights to help in night vision and the monitor is 4.3 inch. It presents the image on 480 X 272 pixels.

  • The manufacturers are offering one year warranty with a 30-days money back guarantee and customer support staff is very helpful and friendly.
  • No separate monitor for
  • The image is made up of low pixels.
  • Wires needed to be extended for long vehicles.

9. Buyee Car Rear View Kit

Buyee Car Rear View Kit

The penultimate item in our list is the car rear view kit and camera from Buyee. It is a fully waterproof camera and comes with day and night LED vision technology.

The screen size of the monitor is 4.3 inch and has a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels with an aspect ratio of 4:3. It works on a power supply of 12V. it works with a PAL TV system and gives a resolution of 420 TV lines. The camera provides a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees.

  • Works well with cars, trailers, and pickups.
  • The monitor and camera are easy to install.
  • It has a great result when compared to cameras in the same price range.
  • Only one camera can be installed in this system.
  • It might need a voltage regulator in some cars.

10. Backup Camera Car Rear View Camera

Backup Camera Car Rear View Camera

The last item on our ten best backup cameras list is from Tiker.

This camera comes with 8 LED lights. The manufacturer claims that the strength of these lights is so good that there is no need for guidelines on the monitor screen.

It has a built-in 3089HD chip that gives good quality images. The viewing angle of this camera is 170 degrees.

  • This camera can be used as a backup camera, front view camera, side view camera, and security camera as well.
  • The quality of the image is not very good and there may be some variations in the distance measured.

Benefits of Backup Cameras

Backup cameras are very helpful equipment and can decrease the number of accidents happening while the vehicle is in the reverse mode. They also bring children and small objects in the fold of visibility, which is usually difficult to be seen through the rearview mirror. These cameras also make the parking very easier. Some of them help the driver by red and green lines that help the driver in determining the distance from other objects while parking in the reverse mode.


The rules and regulations now demand the installation of backup cameras as mandatory for all the cars. They avoid accidents and help in parking in tight spots. We have provided you with a list of best backup cameras in the market from which you can choose and make driving easy for you.


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