25 Best Apple Watch Apps [Free and Paid]

Seeking for the best Apple Watch apps? You do not need to go further in this context. There are a plenty of useful apps for your Apple Watch. Some of them are available free and the others are paid ones, choose your favorite ones from these.

Best Apple Watch Apps in 2016

1. CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is a cool and the most popular app available for Apple Watch users. In other weather apps, you will notice the use of graphics generally, to explain what kind of weather you would have in the coming hours. Here is no use of graphics, instead colors have been used to make it a very simple. Say! The text will appear in blue color if you are going to have rain in the coming hours and the text will turn into yellow if you are going to have a sunny day.

Price: $4.27.

Install CARROT Weather.

2. Deliveries

Deliveries is a handy app for everyone to track your parcels and packages. It keeps you updated with the whole process from handed to delivered, just like any famous courier service does. It also updates you about all of the parcels arriving at you. You do not need to check the status online because your Apple Watch is compatible with “Deliveries” application and you can have a sigh of relief by using this app for tracking all of your ordered goods.

Price: $2.13.

Install Deliveries.

3. Streaks

A nifty habit-builder app is available for iOS devices. The only shortcoming of Streaks is that you can add up only 6 habits at a time in it. You have to specify certain days and add limited tasks to make it handier. It will remind you to complete the tasks and keeps track of the said activities. This app works wonders to maintain your fitness.

Price: $3.99.

Install Streaks.

4. Green Kitchen

Love to be in the kitchen? Green Kitchen helps you cook delicious foods. You can view lots of recipes and all of them are organic and fresh vegetarian recipes and all from your Apple Watch. If you are conscious about eating only green vegetables to live a healthier life, this app is absolutely for you. Its most important feature is the use of Siri Search. If you want to get any recipe of your choice, you can use its “Find” function, where you tap the “Find” and speak about your recipe name or, at least, its ingredients. It will show you the recipe.

Price: $5.70.

Install Green Kitchen.

5. PCalc

A hefty option for tradesmen, students, businessmen and programmers due to its latest features. It consists of a multi-line display with different layouts of buttons. It includes a unit converter, undo, redo options and constants. The computer programmers will find it supportive for various calculations from octal, hexadecimal, and binary. You have direct access to its functionality by using its 3D Touch icon. It is available in two versions. PCalc is a paid version that can be downloaded in $5.70 and the free version is PCalc Lite.

Install PCalc.

6. Sky Guide

Love astrology and cosmic study? Now Sky Guide gives you an experience of watching exotic stars. You can have a marvelous view of the stars, planets, constellations, galaxies, and satellites, etc. A superb app for the people of all ages to experience the perfectness of space night where you will discover the celestial treasure in a twinkling night. The “cinematic control for time” functions in the best way to let you know where will be the Moon at the sky after a few hours so that you can set the time to capture an ideal picture. Moreover, it needs no internet connection, once downloaded.

Price: $3.27.

Install Sky Guide.

7. Tagger

Tagger simplifies the process of geotagging of your photos. The pictures can be easily emailed. It is a battery friendly app. Your position is logged within a few moments and it makes no difference which iOS device you are using. Tagger is compatible with every image format and with Windows and Mac too.

Price: $3.27.

Install Tagger.

8. Fantastical 2

A renowned and high-grade Calender app that works for you as a next week planner, reminder and calendar too. The best alternative for the stock calendar of iPhone. It reminds you about upcoming events you are going to attend, the birthdays of your loved ones and the birthday category includes an option to send greetings to your friends quickly. You can create new activities and events by adding complete details of location, month, date, weekday and other details. You can generate alerts if you have a poor short-term memory. If you want to create an event, do it directly while using “Reminder” category. You can type the words and even you can use “Voice” command for this purpose.  £3.99.

Price: $5.70.

Install Fantastical 2.

9. TuneIn Radio Pro

Enjoy your desired radio station with TuneIn Radio Pro that gives you access to 100,000+ radio stations around the World including 600 ads free music stations. The widest range of news, talk shows, music, and sports from almost every country around the globe. It also includes the option of recording of your favorite songs to listen to them offline later. The live music concerts, talk shows, and sports events will give you the real charm of TuneIn. A battery-friendly app that does not let the battery of your device down earlier.  £7.99.

Price: £7.99.

Install TuneIn Radio Pro.

Free Apps

1. Google Maps

Always wonderful public transport app for the users of Apple Watch that was earlier available for Android and iPhones. Now, it is available for Apple Watch too. Say! You are not well-aware of the ways in London. It will guide you from your office to home and even shows you the ways you followed recently. It works in more than 15000 cities in 220 countries around the World. It also includes a feature for voice-guide. You can find the location and route of your desired place while using your wrist watch now.

Install Google Maps.

2. Evernote

A great tool for taking important personal and official notes and works a lot better than Apple’s Notes. You would surely love to have it in your Apple Watch so that you may not miss anything very important in your life. You can switch to this app in no time. It enables you to read the previously made notes and even, the new notes can be dictated via Apple Watch. So, keep your to-do, Please go and Reminders in an organized way by using Evernote that is indeed a very cool and useful app for your Apple Watch.

Install Evernote.

3. Facebook

Facebook needs no intro because it has become essential for everybody. So, why don’t you get this amazing app in your Apple Watch. Facebook app for iOS devices enables you to respond messages for you on Facebook and Friends requests by using your Apple Watch. Share your precious moments, videos, pictures and cool updates from your wrist. Isn’t it interesting. Moreover, some games on Facebook only run on mobile devices, so you can play them on your iDevice via the Facebook app. You will see it more reliable and speedier rather than earlier. It can be downloaded in all of the major languages of the world. Stay connected with your friends and loved ones, wherever you are.

Install Facebook.

4. Instagram

A high-quality photography app is just accessible for you. You can capture your favorite pictures and can instantly share with your loved ones. You can edit the useless part of your pictures by using this smashing app. It provides you 10 latest tools to improve the picture quality such as its saturation, contrast and brightness level, etc. You can also make videos by using it. So, let your friends see the world through your eyes.

Install Instagram.

5. App in the Air – Best Flight Tracker

“App in the Air” basically works as your flight assistant. While flying, you are updated with the navigation map of the airport from where your plane is going to take off and where you are going to land. It gives you the information regarding the status of your flight and gate changes without using the internet. You will get the information regarding the landmarks on your way while flying. So, enjoy the real time updates regarding your flight scheduling and airport route maps by using this app on your Apple Watch.

Install App in the Air.

6. Find Near Me

Get complete information regarding the nearest Hotels, taxi stand and ATMs around you by using this handy app. You do not need to add your location to search your desired destinations, closest to you. The app will automatically search and locate you on the map while showing all of the nearest required points. Suppose! You are not in your native land and you do not know where you can find an ATM or currency changer. Here, Find Near Me would be greatly beneficial for you in locating the nearest ATMs and currency changer agencies.

Install Find Near Me.

7. BBC News

Now BBC News app is not far from the crazy news lovers who are using Apple Watch. This is quite compatible with Apple Watch and you can read the news in order to be updated regarding the World. This app provides you the latest news and headlines along with top stories. You will get the features and experts’ analysis. This cool app also includes the live channel of news from BBC. You can use the refresh option to vie the latest updates and breaking news. Another great function of the app is that no personal data is processed including your email ID or username.

Install BBC News.

8. Vine

A honeybunch app for you to watch videos from all genres. It offers a variety of channel such as Music and Comedy, etc. You are informed by a notification star about the posts of your preferred Viners. Its feature “Popular Now” notifies you regarding the trending videos on this vast entertainment network. Yo can also share your desirable Vine posts on Facebook or Twitter.

Install Vine.

9. TripAdvisor

A groovy app that seems beneficial, when you want to plan a trip to somewhere. It includes the information and ranking of hotels and other recreation places. You just need to add a time and a location to see the high-ranked restaurants and hotels in the required area. Moreover, it also navigates you the exact direction of the hotel from your location. Read the reviews with photos from millions of travelers.

Install TripAdvisor.

10. Slopes

It gives you precise information about your speed, the distance you covered and the altitude details when you are climbing down a hill. The best app for such unforgettable occasions, when you have no idea about your steps and the distance. You will press a button on your wrist watch to start the app functioning for you and the important statistics will appear on it. It automatically detects the running and climbing altitude and even does not seem burdensome on the battery of your iOS device. It shows you a full fledged track, where you can insert pictures and write notes before publishing it online.

Install Slopes.

11. iTranslator

Best translator for phrases, words, and sentences in 90 languages. You can translate anything adding it manually or by speaking it. It translates your text in no time. If you want to get translation in Voice, its voice-to-voice feature can be used, but it is available in only pro version of iTranslator. You will find lots of options if you are unable to adjust the gender, dialect or speech speed of the text as there are some words having different meanings in different dialects and regions. It works on the basis of many dictionaries and derives the actual meaning according to your phrase.

Install iTranslation.

12. Runtastic

A very effective app to maintain your health and fitness. It will help you plan the workout and observes you while you are busy in taking exercise. It contains metrics and a training & observations’ diary to keep a record of your exercise including the calorie intake, distance you cover in walking or running and the time you take in it. Even a complete track of previous sports including jogging and cycling, etc. You can set a target for calorie intake, a distance to cover and running destination to maintain your level of fitness.

Install Runtastic.

13. Shazam

Oh! a song is hovering in your mind and you are unable to recall it. What the song is this? Open Shazam and get its lyrics by using Shazam that is appreciated by 100 million users. You can find out the songs of different artists from various parts of the World. Check what the rocking singers such as Avicii, Drake, Lady Gaga and Eminem are shazaming. The latest songs by the top-listed singers appear here automatically and a click on the button can make you rock on the melodies. Everything, you like, can be shared on social networking sites.

Install Shazam.

14. Currency

A dewy-eyed currency converter with quite powerful features to cater you the accurate and the latest exchange rates for 150+ countries. It is specifically useful when you are going to exchange your currency with the currency from another country while traveling abroad. It needs no internet connection and thus, provides you offline handy updates. Its text size, types, and row height can be edited. A dandy app for traders of foreign exchange, while they are far from their office.

Install Currency.

15. Sleep++

A fantabulous way to track your sleeping hours and to measure its quality is to let Sleep++ work effectively on you. If you are a victim of sleeplessness and want to analyze your sleep quality. Sleep++ is made for you. Just keep your watch on your wrist, while you are going to sleep. Insert the time, when you are fast asleep and insert the time when you get up from your bed. It will analyze the sleeping hours and let you know the details about how much sound sleep you had or how much restlessness you felt during the sleeping hours. It is a precaution for the users of this app to enable “Airplane Mode” on their Watch for the whole night because it will not let the battery of your device down.

Install Sleep++.

16. Instapaper

Instapaper allows you to read articles it fetches for you. Its “Voice” function is one tap away from you as it is your assistant that reads articles for you when you are not in the mood to read them while keeping your iOS device before your eyes. The text in Instapaper appears as mobile-optimized to give you a fair and clean reading experience if you want to read the text. It needs no internet connection. Read your papers, while sitting in the airplane, elevators or in the bus. The articles can be saved in Instapaper for further reading any other time.

Install Instapaper.

Thence, our list of the best apps for you comes to an end, but it is not necessarily the end. If you know any useful app that is skipped from our list, do let us know by stating your comments.


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