11 Best Antivirus Programs for Windows 10

If you want to keep your PC safe and secure from threats of malicious viruses and crashing malware, you need to acquire an antivirus program to protect it. The users of Windows 10 may be perplexed as they are not sure which antivirus program is compatible with their Windows. This is the reason behind this write-up for you. Here, you will find top 11 effective antivirus programs for Windows 10. They have been categorized as Paid and Free.

Best Antivirus for Windows

1. Kaspersky


A complete protection pack for your system running on Windows 10 and the older versions. It contains more than one protection layers to block the harmful programs to attack your system. A user-friendly and clean interface keeps you away from chafing situation. A very powerful antivirus system that warns you against malicious threats and blocks the unwanted and anonymous links. Its “System Watcher” identifies the suspicious download and blocks it to give you complete protection. It is available in £29.99 from amazon with a complete pack of secure privacy, synchronization of the files and your passwords and a very safe storage of your important data. If you want to protect your Android phone, Windows PC, and Mac, you should get its “Total Security Multi-Device” that has been designed for the security of three of them in only £30.27 annually.

2. ByteFence Anti-malware


ByFence is an anti-malware tool that identifies the harmful Worms, Crapware, Trojans, and Malware. It provides the complete security to your system against bundleware and other dangerous ads and software. It is very simple to use for scanning and detection of trojans, adware and worms in your system. It takes no time in installation and easy to scan without having many clicks. It even detects and kills powerful viruses in the system that are not detectable by various other antivirus programs. Buy it in $25.95 annually.

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015

BitDefender Antivirus

Bitdefender antivirus plus 2015 contains a great antiphishing module to warn you regarding vicious links while you are searching for something online. It also alerts you against harmful sites and automatically blocks access to them. The best tool for tuning up your PC and full protection of the system from harmful malware and spyware. You can get it in £29.95 if you want to run it on one PC for one year. In the pack, you will get antispam, parental control, a security firewall and lots of other features for complete security of your system and important data.

4. Webroot

Webroot antivirus

A lightweight antivirus program that takes no time in the installation process. As you click on the download link, within a few moments the pack of its basic security files is ready for installation. It works as a behavior observer. The cloud security service identifies every threat to your system. The core pack of security files consists of a firewall, anti-phishing, network connection check and a sandbox that identifies the vicious virus attacking your system. You will have 70 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the protection that Webroot Antivirus provides you. You can also get a 25GB online secure cloud from Webroot if you buy its “Webroot Security Anywhere Antivirus” that is available in £15.89.

5. eScan

eScan Antivirus

eScan is not only compatible with Windows 8 and the latest version of course, but also for every older version of Windows as it has been specifically built to protect Windows. Although, the interface is a little bit odd, but the functions are good enough to give it a good rating. An affordable antivirus tool to give you completely secure browsing, a firewall against the virus, and spam filtration tool are included in its pack. It is available in £17 for 1 year if you want to use it for 1 PC. The worst thing about it is that you need to click many times to perform a specific action regarding security check or system scan, etc.

6. Norton Security

A small security pack that contains all of the necessary tools for your sure security, such as the advanced and powerful firewall, full fledged web browsing security tool, password security manager, antivirus program, identity theft and many more. It is reliable if you want to use your system’s security as it is fully compatible with Windows 10. If there is vicious content in any file, Norton Security does not allow you to run that file. Its annual price for 1 PC is £29.99.

Free Software

Along with very effective and powerful Paid Antivirus programs, there are a few less influential, yet good enough free antivirus programs that can be used for the safety of the system.

1. Avira Free

Avira Antivirus

A free Antivirus software that has a relatively complicated interface, but the usage of this antivirus program is not hard. It gives you basic web protection. About 80% of the malicious threats are removed by Avira. Its additional function, such as automatically blocked autorun of any program. It also cuts down the risk of using an infected flash drive.

2. Avast Free


It promptly blocks the malware attacks and a good program for a deep network scan. Perfect for a system clean up and boosts the boot scan. Although, it takes less time in installation, but a little bit slow for scanning the system. It proved to be a good antiphishing tool with additional cool features such as router security and password manager’s security scans.

3. FortiClient

FortiClient Free Antivirus

A free enterprise tool that has been packed with FortiGate security app to make your network safe and secure. Although, it is a tiresome task to install it as it takes excessive time, but its user-friendly interface will keep your machine safe and secure from the attacks. You can keep it active while you are busy in work on your system. It identifies the threatening spyware and blocks them quickly. Its free pack contains a VPN tool, parental control option, and completely secure internet browsing module to give you a sigh of relief.

4. Panda

Panda Antivirus

It is good enough to compete with some good paid antivirus tools. It consists of a firewall, parental control tool, password protection and internet security tool for your comfortable web browsing and downloading. A simple, yet attractive interface in Windows 8 style is quite easy to configure. Its Antivirus detection rate is relatively high. A strong web filter blocks the attack of dangerous websites and the Rescue Kit helps to bump off all of them.

5. Windows Defender

Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a built-in antivirus for Windows users. It can protect your system from the attacks of some weak malware and Trojans, but the overall score of protection from the powerful malicious virus is not satisfactory. The users find it not very effective for protection from phishing sites and internet security. Although, it is a good tool to detect various infected programs in the system, but unable to remove them completely from your system. This is the reason for placing Windows Defender at the bottom of the list. But sometimes Windows defender incurs an antimalware service error, here are steps to fix it.

Nobody is a genius and we also might be unaware of some other good software that can better protect a PC, if you know any other one then let us know, we’ll add that up in this list.