31 Best Ad Blockers for Chrome, Firefox, Android and iOS

While going through the web browsing, annoying adverts get on your nerves and you are unable to do anything to get rid of them except closing them again and again. Sometimes, these advertisements are very useful in some context, but often, they are annoying and of course, you would like to find out a way to get rid of them. Well! What you can do is to select an extension or app to block website ads.

It is also necessary for you to get because, the appearance of these adverts can make your system slower down and thus, the website, you want to open will be also loaded slowly. It is incredibly irritating when you find yourself helpless before them. This the reason we’re here, i.e. to discuss the best ad blockers for Chrome, Firefox, iOS and Android devices. Let’s start with Chrome first.

For Google Chrome

AdBlock for Chrome


This renowned extension is used for Chrome to pull out the ads and disturbing auto-play video ads while you are surfing the internet. Although, it does not block YouTube video ads, but a lot better options when you are disturbed by the adverts on many other sites. Earlier, its Firefox version was released, but it was removed soon for no reason. It has free as well as paid version. You can select according to your requirements.

Adguard AdBlocker

Adgaurd AdBlocker

ADGUARD blocks adverts while you are using YouTube or Facebook. No pop-ups are out of its range. The media ads, banners, spyware, malware and text ads can be blocked by using Adgaurd, it will work as a website antivirus program too. It is also essential to enhance the speed of browsing in order to use less amount of bandwidth. You can use it if you want to avoid phishing and tracking of your personal information online.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin

It consumes low system memory and on CPU footprint. It cannot be considered only a casual blocker because it reads and generates the filters and they are enforced, once loaded. When you add it as a Chrome extension, there will appear a big red button on the top right corner of your browser. It can be enabled or disabled accordingly.

Fair AdBlock App

Fair AdBlockkkAAAa

This app is used for blocking annoying ads, malware, and irritating popups while you are browsing Online. Only a few ads appear before you that are for charity purpose. It speeds up your browsing by blocking unnecessary stuff. If you want to keep your privacy secure from tracking, Fair AdBlock App should be selected. Once, you add it to Chrome browser, you would be able to explore the websites in better and faster way. All of the video auto-play ads, overlay, and even YouTube ads are blocked to give you a sigh of relief.

App Poper Blocker

App Poper BlockerAAA

A Chrome extension to stop all of the nasty and unwanted pop-ups from appearing on your screen. It is not available for any other browser. You can use it only with Chrome. While you are visiting websites online, you will see notifications confirm the blockage of a popup that was about to appear on your screen.

Privacy Palette

Privacy PaletteAAA

Privacy Palette gives you a safe and secure web browsing experience by managing your privacy while working Online. It has been specifically designed for Chrome users. Your personal data saved in the system cannot be accessed by the tracking websites because it can remove every bit of your data within a few moments before it is accessed by the tracking websites.


[Fixed] Antimalware Service Executable High CPU Usage(MsMpEng.exe) Issue

Torch Fields

Torch FieldsAAA

Torch Fields is a reliable and secure web browsing tool that gives you an annoyance free experience for the internet browsing without viewing so many ads. You can add its extension to your Google Chrome.

Adblock for YouTube

Adblock for YouTubeAAA

If you are fed up with the Pre-Roll adverts while visiting YouTube in Chrome, this tool is a great choice for you. It blocks all of the video ads shown before your video. No website is able to track your personal or browsing history.

Simply Block Ads

Simply Block AdsAAA

With a huge display of ads, it becomes difficult for you to read or view something. By using Simply Block Ads, you can view your desired online material without the display of ads. It blocks text ads, background adverts, video and pop-up ads and on-site adverts. You can add it to your Google Chrome without paying any charges.

Video AdBlock

Video AdBlockerAAA

If you are visiting Vimeo or YouTube, you would surely wish to remove the chaffing adverts appear before you. It is a free video ads blocker that also blocks the pop-ups that disturb you while you are viewing your desired material. You do not need to tune it anytime and it works quite silently in the background.

Webmail Ad Blocker

Webmail Ad BlockerAAA

It is for your webmail ads. When you open your Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo email box, you will see a lot of ads on the right side of the window. If you are using this extension, you will see no ads to disturb you. You can also use it for Outlook email box. It is also good for the parents to keep a check on your children. It will hide the ads containing occasionally the adult content and thus, saves the children from getting detracted.



In a faster and cleaner web surfing, Ghostery plays a vital role. It does not let you leave digital footprints while you are browsing the internet. There are some sites take excessive time to load and it is due to various trackers to steal your personal data. Ghostery quickly blocks all these offender trackers and thus, enables to open every site faster and quicker. The in-app ads can no longer disturb you if you are using Ghostery. It is a free extension that can be used with Google Chrome.

Android Apps to Block Ads

Free Adblocker Browser

Free AdBlocker BrowserAAA

It gives you astonishing fast browsing and downloading and thus, saves your bandwidth and battery too. You can block numerous kinds of adverts by using this Android application such as the pop-ups, different banners, and video ads, etc. It also blocks third-party cookies, ultimately making your identity anonymous.

Emo Ads Blocker Browser

Emo ads blockerAAA

It has no compatibility issue with any android devices. It blocks most of the adverts and speeds up your browsing more than 30% to give you a safe surfing. You would be able to surf the internet without getting annoyed ads. It will add more life to the battery of your Android device by blocking video ads.

AD Blocker

AD BlockerAAA

A very simple yet greatly effective ads and pop-ups blocker to use free of charge. It can find out the source of these ads too. You can use it if you want to play games without being disturbed again and again by advertisements that appear on your screen and annoy you. It has no compatibility issue whether you have rooted or unrooted Android device.

Block This!

Block ThisAAA

Finally! You are able to block not only the adverts but also Malware and Spamming. It blocks the huge unnecessary internet traffic and automatically cancels out the requests for spam and ads. It removes the censorship of IP. Moreover, it is not only helpful in blocking in-app advertisements, but also browser app and thus, it gives you a smooth and undisturbed reading and game playing experience without getting ads. It does not require a rooted Android device. What you need to do is just make necessary amendments in the DNS settings that that’s all. It will stop the loading ads.

Adblock Browser

Ad Block BrowserAAA

Earlier, it was available for desktop users only. Now, the Android users can also enjoy it on their phones and tablets to block intrusive advertisements on YouTube or other sites. It is a high-quality app that has been downloaded more than 400 millions times. It is faster in loading pages and blocking pop-ups. Thus, it is a good tool to save your data from malware and to save your battery too.

Ad Clean & Antivirus Security

Ad Clean & Antivirus SecurityAAA

It is an advanced double-edged tool that can be used as an Ads Cleaner as well as an antivirus security. It does not consume battery while working in the background. It does not block in-app adverts, but the ads and pop-ups from anonymous resources.

For Mozilla Firefox

Adblock Plus

Adblock PlusAAA

It blocks the irritating adverts and video ads too. You will find it quite useful in blocking banners and Facebook ads. It is considered a good Firefox addon that blocks the malware and annoying pop-ups.

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS everywhereAAA

It’s a Firefox plugin that is used as an ad blocker. It saves you from divisive ads that can make you disturbed. It is an anti-tracking tool too.

BluHell Firewall

BlueHell Firewall

It doesn’t need any configuration and blocks any type of ads without any lengthy setup process. Just install it with a single click and start surfing the internet free of advertisements.

Smart Ads Blocker

Smart AdsblockerAAA

It stops all kind of preloads and Pagelet Ego Panel adverts appearing on your screen. It is indeed a good option for blocking Cue Ads too.



It blocks JavaScript, Java and numerous other plugins that are basically an easy source to carry malware to you. You can set its option “Block Scripts Globally” so that you avoid receiving ads permanently.

Adblock Plus Pop-up Addon

Adblock PlusAAA

This addon blocks the unwanted ads and thus, speeds up the net surfing while you are visiting different sites.



It blocks Macromedia shockwave, Authorware, and Flash while you are surfing the internet. It blocks the content related to Flash and shows you an option whether you want to download it or view the Flash content or not. So, it makes your internet surfing task a bit easier.



Adbeaver is also for Firefox. It is an absolutely free addon that can let you choose a peaceful net surfing. You are away from intrusive adverts by using it. You also win cash while you are surfing the internet. You are shown some useful ads that give you points and these points are known as AdCoins. You can get them cashed out by using your PayPal account for an online shopping.



Disconnect is another addon that is not only available for Firefox, but also for Google Chrome. You can use this tool in Safari and Opera web browsers as well. It blocks the trackers of your personal information and a good password security tool. It consists of a blacklist where you will see blocked adverts.



µAdblock has the ability to block more than 4900 adverts and your personal data tracking websites. It blocks ad frames on Yahoo, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. So, you can enjoy a secure internet surfing with the help of µAdblock.

iPhone Ad-blocking Apps



1Blocker is for unwanted and annoying content blocking that is used on iOS devices. It tracks the scripts and blocks the obscene sites, adult content and advertisements and video ads. It enables you to block share buttons and law notice cookies. It is a free tool that can be downloaded from iTunes.

Safari AdBlock

Safari AdBlockAAA

Safari AdBlock has been launched specifically for the Safari users. It helps to block ads while they are surfing the internet. There is nothing to manage such as filter list or configuration, etc. It works silently to give you a secure and safe browsing. The only term for using it is that you can use AdBlock in Safari 6 only.

Facebook Cleaner

While using Facebook in Safari, you experience a lot of pokes, sponsored advertisements and even other kinds of visual disturbances. All of them can be removed by using Facebook Cleaner. It gives you an undisturbed connection with your friends and the site.


  1. I discover today that Adblock Mobile, which works very well, continues to work even when I shut it down. I uninstall it and it was still here! I delete the certificate and then it was really out.
    That’s the problem with VPN : they are very powerful tools and we have to deal only with well known companies. Like F-secure for example, which is in the security business for many years.

  2. Firefox Focus Ad Blocker on iOS 10 has a serious problem with pay sites such as wsj.com. It interferes with the login process.

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