Download Ball Mayhem! apk for Android, Windows & Mac OS

The French mobile developer Voodoo has released an addictive game Ball Mayhem for the football lovers. This is a fresh version of modern football games that seems a bit different from the traditional football games. So, this variation makes the game more interesting. The fans of Madden NFL type of games will surely love playing Ball Mayhem.

When the game begins, you see the stadium where the spectators are present to witness your performance as a football player. You have to accept combats with other teams, and every battle can give you some points. Here, you need to prove your abilities being a football player.

Ball Mayhem Teams Score

Ball Mayhem Salient Features

This addictive game takes you to a challenging field where you have to face other teams fiercely.

The game is available not only for Android but also for iOS devices.

Ball Mayhem is based on American football with more straightforward rules. You need to follow these rules to get more points. You have to select a team in the game, and you will play as a part of that team. The game is simple to follow and a source of fun for the players too.

To play the game, you need to learn different techniques like how to ram into the opponent team hard to get the ball from them. The simple techniques are also shown on the screen if you are playing in the training mode.

Ball Mahem One-touch game

When you lose the ball, it may fret you, but it may be highly beneficial for you sometimes. See the situation and think calmly to act according to the current scenario. When you do not carry the ball, you can move your body faster. So, use your this ability that comes with the game.

The game includes another feature that is whenever you go out of the field; the ball is automatically dropped on the ground. In the same way, if any player from your opponent team goes out of the field, he will lose the ball on the ground. So, you can use this exciting feature of the game for your benefit.

Football Field in Game

You can customize your game in all fields. You can change the uniform color and style, the ball, goals and the play mode too even that you can customize some little characters that keep dancing in a funny way while you are playing.

The game allows you to play in Individual Player style if you prefer, but you need to purchase this mode in 200 diamonds.

Ball Mayhem File Information

File String Information
File Name Ball Mayhem
File Size 71.4MB
Latest Version v2.3
License Free
Language English

How to Download & Install Ball Mayhem apk

It is straightforward to download and install this addictive American style football game. You need to follow the steps below to download and install it.

Go to the end of the section and click the button that says “Download for Android” to start the downloading process.

It may take a couple of minutes depending on the speed of your network.

Once it is over, you will see the option “Install” that appears on your screen. Tap this option to start the installation. (Before moving ahead, you need to Enable the option “Unknown Sources” in the Security tab. If you did not activate this option, the system would not let you install the app).

Once the installation is completed, you will get a notification that your app is installed. Select the option “Open” that appears on the screen. Here is your game. Enjoy playing it and have fun.

Ball Mayhem Tips and Cheats

It is not an easy game to play as the game comes with American style football. However, Voodoo has tried to simplify the rules. Here are some tips and cheats to play the game and to win it.

Duck & Dip: When you play in the real field, the things are different. When you are playing Ball Mayhem, you have to run insanely to dodge the opponents and weave to defeat them. So, you need to sprint in jerky movements.

When you are running with the ball, your speed becomes slower. So, drop the ball to run faster and snatch it back. This built-in feature can be greatly helpful for you if you want to win the game.

You need to block as much as you can. If your team players do not possess the ball, you do not need to bother about their action. Just defend the line to block the attackers that are coming towards you. It will be highly beneficial.

The skin matters a lot to win the game. If you are using a skin with a trail of fire, your speed will be super fast. So, you need to choose the skin with a fire trail to run at the maximum speed.

How to Download & Install Ball Mayhem on Windows/Mac

How to Download & Install Ball Mayhem on Windows/Mac

The game is primarily for Android and iPhone users. But you can also play it on Windows PC or Mac OS too. You need to install an Android Emulator for this purpose. There are many Android emulators available online. But I will recommend you to use “BlueStacks” for this purpose. BlueStacks transforms your Windows OS into an Android platform, and you can easily run the Android games/apps on the Windows platform. You can download “BlueStacks” from Here.

Once you download the tool, install it by following the on-screen directions. It will not take much of your time.

Download the Ball Mayhem apk from the link in the above section by using the button “Download for Android.”

Now, launch the BlueStacks app and drag and drop the Ball Mayhem apk into the app drawer of BlueStacks.

When the apk file of the game appears in the app drawer of BlueStacks, you need to double-click the apk file to start the downloading process.

It will take a couple of minutes to complete the downloading process.

Now click the option “Install” to start the installation. Click “I Agree” to follow the Terms and Conditions.

It will show you the system is installing the game. Once the installation is over, you will see the option “Open” on the screen. Click this option to launch the game.

Here is your game! Enjoy playing it on a bigger screen.

You can follow the same method if you want to install it on the Mac operating system.


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